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  1. LethaFace

    Big up from Poland!

    @Nieku, welcome to the board; it's not what it used to be 10+ years ago, but still I stop here from time to time And yes, the squad is from Poland
  2. LethaFace

    AOD - Noncomposmentis

    @Gemini, you should drop that Blacc Mass officially
  3. LethaFace

    Trade CD's list (Wish List / 4-Sale List) - Northern Cali rap

    I can trade 1 (or more) CD from my 4-Sale List to any CD from my Want List. Get at me on [email protected] or PM me for details / offer / deal. Thank you. Wish List: 11/5 - A-1 Yola 11/5 - Fiendin 4 Tha Funk 14 Caliber - Home Sweet Home 2Sav - Still Sav'd Out.... Two 3xKrazy - Immortalized...
  4. LethaFace

    Ju Ju: The Soul Rippa

    yup, we'll be aiming to review it for sure; Im in constant contact with Bart so Ive heard bout that; sounds great.
  5. LethaFace

    New BMC and Mental Illness reviews

    check it out: Conspiracy & Yung Puppz - The Clock Is Tickin Sneaks & Conspiracy - Zips, Clipz N Lickz Mental Illness - Unstoppable
  6. LethaFace

    Interview with ADR Lavey

    check out the interview with ADR Lavey conducted by BayUndaground props to Dirt E. Needlez for making it possible
  7. LethaFace

    Interview with Big Rhino

    as requested... here it is - a freshly conducted interview with Big Rhino by Bay Undaground - Interview with Big Rhino
  8. LethaFace

    Connected Inc Presents: Big Rhino - Have I Sinned

    yeah, siccness is downsizing the image; Ive cut the tracklist so it could be readable; hope u dont mind
  9. LethaFace

    Northern California Gangsters & Thugs Vol. 2 - Cover & Tracklist

    @Menace2Society; clear your PM box playa
  10. LethaFace

    Interview with Hugh E MC

    ...brought to you by [ ] : Hugh, please introduce yourself to our worldwide audience, tell us where your are from and where you live these days. [ Hugh E MC ] : I am the OG Frisco Legend Hugh E MC... for those who don't know me. Many know the hit song "Keep...
  11. LethaFace

    Interview with Berner on has just conducted a fresh interview with Berner Interview with Berner
  12. LethaFace

    Interview with The Dragons and Gorillapits!

    What's up Siccness! Today we bring you another interview - this time a double one conducted with San Leandro's crews The Dragons (Remy Red & XSF) and Gorillapits (K-Loc, Tone Bone & Kra-Z-K); peep the interview on BayUndaground
  13. LethaFace

    Brand new interview with Playa Rae by

    What's good Siccness. We've just conducted a very informative and thorough interview with one of the most important figures out of San Jose - Playa Rae himself. Check out the interview on BayUndaground's Interviews Section and be sure to read the review of "Facetime" project by Playa Rae, Trey...
  14. LethaFace

    Interview with San Francisco duet Evenodds

    Interview with San Francisco duet Evenodds (D.E.O. and M-A) conducted freshly by Check it out in our Interviews Section; here's just a part of it: [ ] : What's good DEO and Money Alwayz! Let's tell the world about the Evenodds duet. Where are you from and...
  15. LethaFace

    Review of Young Chariz "Its Curtains" by BayUndaground

    Check out the latest release by Young Chariz fka Charizma called "It's Curtains". Thank to Jack Tacang we've had a chance to review the whole album. What are your thoughts about this project ? Young Chariz - It's Curtains Go Bigg Music Group (2011) Rating: 4/5
  16. LethaFace

    Talez From The Morgue review by

    The article is quite long, so just peep the link to read it; we've gave it 4.5/5 which is rare nowadays! Props to Smiley! Review of Talez From The Morgue
  17. LethaFace

    Interview with Smiley aka Sykotik by

    Check out the interview we've conducted with the man behind horrorcore homeboy release "Talez From The Morgue" - Smiley aka Sykotik: [ ] : Let's start off with some basic information about Smiley - tell us where you're from and who you are. [ Smiley aka Sykotik ] : What's...
  18. LethaFace

    L.O.C. - The Streets Are Talking

    does anyone of ya'll have the hard copy of LOC's album "The Streets Are Talking"? If so, let me know how does it look like, cause I just bought one on eBay and received a CD-R (a Verbatim one! LOL) put into a slimcase with nice, front cover. The seller claims it was released that way; if that's...
  19. LethaFace

    Nio Tha Gift - H.I.P.H.O.P hard copy wanted!

    Im looking for a hard copy of H.I.P.H.O.P. album by Richmond rapper Nio Tha Gift; only sealed/mint condition; anyone willing to sell one please respond via Siccness message or hit me on my e-mail [email protected]
  20. LethaFace

    Interview with Loyal-T fka Sleepy Santino conducted by

    We've had a chance to talk with South San Francisco artist Sleepy Santino, now known as Loyal-T. Check out the whole interview at - here's just a part of it: [ ] : What's good Loyal-T? Shed a little light on who you are, where you are from and what you do...