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  1. Cisco~kid

    Crunk rock

    when the fuck is lil jon dropping?? also trillville reloaded is over overtime 4 the "official release date" damn.. any1 knows sum?
  2. Cisco~kid

    Young Buck - Buck the world

    i dont think ive read a thread bout it yet.. what do u think about the album? sum songs are really great but all in all "straight outta ca$hville" was better to me watchu say??
  3. Cisco~kid

    Pastor Troy "bring yo army"

    i know the song is old and i listened to it waaaay back. but i dont know on which album it is.. can any1 tell me?
  4. Cisco~kid

    good site for images/posters?

    can sumbody tell me a good site where i can find tight posters 2 buy? i mean images with rappers from the south or sum stuff about it. whatever.. e.g. is not what im lookin for.. would be thankful
  5. Cisco~kid

    *NEW* Killer Mike!

    Killer Mike - I Pledge Allegiance To the Grind Disc 1 1. The Pledge (Intro) 2. Comin' Home Atlanta 3. The Juggernaut 4. F*ck You Pay Me 5. The Next B*tch 6. H.N.I.C. feat. Rock D the Legend, S.L. Jones, Gangsta Pill 7. One More Gram feat. Chemiere 8. I'm A Shine feat. S.L. Jones & Da Bill...
  6. Cisco~kid

    get up on it

    new(?) track by bone crusher, chamillionaire & lil jon, can any1 tell when it was released..on what album it is and so on...
  7. Cisco~kid

    Rated R - Da Ghetto Psychic

    can any1´n here tell me where i can find this album?? ..really hard to find
  8. Cisco~kid

    Pastor Troy dissin´ whole BME ?

    i know there were som disagreements betwenn the Pastor and som BME-family-members, but i didn´t keep the overview in dis thang last time.. on his newest album - By Choice Or By Force (2006) - the beef goes on (or comes up again?) with the first song: Murda man 2 Lyrics: Verse 1 I heard...