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    But you were sending pictures of yourself, holding up groupie messages to your favorite male rapper! @Chuco post that picture one more time bro.
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    Big Oso Loc - "Bad Newz Bear" Solo album [Free Album Download]

    @BigOsoLoc Saying you've been in the rap game for a decade, means nothing in my book. Because it has been about decade since the Internet opened the floodgates to all these "rappers". Regardless it's good to see you're not angry or overreacting to our opinions, unlike these other artists.
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    Big Tone will only Release one Last Album

    If this is his last album the rap game will not miss him one bit, and I say that respectfully. He's been in the rap game for ten years yet his growth was disappointing. He changed his style, but after I feel his music lacked substance or never conveyed a message to the listener. Lyrically he...
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    Lets hope his next album hits ITunes in a reasonable time frame. Not years after everyone forgets about it being released. @Smokie, is his upcoming album being released by your label?
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    Juan Gotti Dopehouse Records

    @Silent post up a link to that song you did over the Big Tone sly slick and wicked beat
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    Anyone feel it's only a matter of time??

    @modubman put the glass dick down.
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    Can you give me list of oldie songs that were flipped by homeboy artist that are of quality. I know that North Side Story album was put out awhile back and with the exception of a couple tracks it was not up to par. Gracias in advance.