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    DJ Screw Discography w/ Uploads

    Here are some of his chapters in chronological order. I'll keep updating this thread when I can. Again, major props to the OG uploader on TexasTakeover Chapters 1-10 Chapter 001 Chapter 002 Chapter 003 Chapter 004 Chapter 005 Chapter 006 Chapter 007 Chapter 008 Chapter 009 Chapter...
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    Utopia (TV Series)

    Anyone watching it? It's pretty good imo. A lot of mindfuckery r3gxwIqqzB4
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    Meyhem Lauren

    I think this guy deserves a thread. Can't say I am a fan, but he does have some tight songs. Anyway.. RD5lyE8TKBs&hd=1
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    G-Idez gets punked!!!

    HAHA o0fIO2u9XX4
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    Bread - 9-1-Skitzo

    MobbinNda916 would you mind uploading this album, man? I've personally never heard of it until I saw your sig. What's more, the only album I thought he had in the works was with H-Wood. Always loved Bread's music... appreciate it
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    Bread of Ruff Neck Rec.??

    does anybody know as to why his album never dropped? i can recall a song where h-wood mentioned that bread was up next to release some shit. what happened to that? it's a shame nothing got ever released because dude was spittin lava. his style reminded me somewhat of dubb sak except with a...
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    Young Mob (from the HBO doc)

    i'm not sure if this is the correct section to ask, but anyways... alright, my question is directed at the rapper young mob who appeared in the HBO documentary "back in the hood: gang war 2". did he ever release a solo or something? i have only the song that played during the documentary...
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    capp st killafornia (mousie, gangsta vago, and gangsta flea)

    who has this song in good quality?
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    mob related funk

    who was the guy that was spitting heat on the song "felony flight"? and does he have any solo releases? if you don't know what i'm talking about, peep this link
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    Tokztero - In Da Cutlass

    I've just heard this shit on youtube and it is bangin. where the hell is that shit from? 2L6s4WeWboo
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    backstabber of the dayton fam

    did this dude ever release anything?? his song "ghetto thang" on the stick-n-move soundtrack was dope as fuck. also, can somebody tell me who is on the same album (stick-n-move) on the cut "take me under" track 12
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    street life vol.2 pandilleros (info)

    i dont listen to southern rap to tell the truth but found this track pretty tight.. anyway its track 2 of street life vol.2 and would like to know who the rappers are etc.. i think that i only came accross "lokotes" but thats it.. anybody know?
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    mexico in world cup

    i know soccer aint that popular in the US.. but anyway is anybody gonna follow the mexicans? they will play in a few days
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    what yall think bout ene??

    im not sure if this person is a user here on east coco..i just got this from a homie n i think this dude has a dope ass flow