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    Rap Talk Boards

    Just wondering if you all realize that the news posts that are generated by the "" user to go in Rap Talk Boards, really lead to nothing. It goes to the subforum and we can't access the thread made.
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    New color scheme

    Maybe it's just my old age (30) or the fact that I stare at a computer screen most of my work day.....but the grey on black text that most of the board is hard on my eyes. Props on the redesign but this is making me squint. It could just be that everything is so dark....the white on...
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    Best Buy deal: $40 in Gift cards after $100 purchase of PS4/XBone Games - Until 12/28

    $25 when you buy 2 games or controllers for PS4 or Xbox One (online only apparently) $15 when you spend over $100 in store or online The $15 bonus says it ends on 12/28 but I'm not sure about that $25
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    iPad / Youtube embedd problem?

    I can't see embedded YouTube videos when browsing on an iPad anymore....just shows blank space where the vid is supposed to show. Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Page selection in threads gone [Resolved]

    You have to scroll all the way down to select which page of the thread you wanna go to. It gets annoying when you're looking for something specific. I think those lil tweet/fb share buttons replaced it, but if it can be put back that would be cool. Thanks
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    turkey & cheese: the interview

    turkey & cheese: the fully story of "sandwich making ass nigga" I conducted an interview with the guy who filmed the sandwich making ass nigga video. Cause im bored and I know siccness will get a kick out of it. Original thread:
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    IPhone 4S / iPhone 5 Thread

    Apple has their iPhone event for 2011 today at 10am and they're either announcing an iPhone 4S or a full blown iPhone 5 with a new form factor. IPhone 4S is rumored to have an A5 chip, more ram, and new voice commands as a part of Assistant. Same design as iPhone 4, same screen size. :ermm...
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    Ring of Honor & HDNet Part Ways

    RING OF HONOR, HDNET PART WAYS; ROH ON HDNET TO END THIS JANUARY by Mike Johnson @ 10:10 PM on 1/11/2011 Ring of Honor's series with HDNet will end with the promotion's January tapings in Philadelphia,PA at the ECW Arena, has confirmed. Those tapings will carry episodes on the...
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    Tech N9ne "Riot Maker" song for TNA Wrestling played after tonights PPV

    Right after Victory Road ended, they played a video promoting the next PPV Hard Justice, and on it was the Tech N9ne song "Riot Maker" Omwj7eVtAI4
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    Bungie Signs 10 Year Deal with Activision

    Wonder if this plays a part in Infinity Ward being unhappy with Activision? And how does a Bungie developed Modern Warfare game sound? hmmm, probably wont happen though. And keep in mind Microsoft owns the Halo franchise and will be developing Halo 4 in house. Halo Developer Joins Forces With...
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    Web design question

    Is there a way to make only certain sections of a page load? What I mean is, I want the header to stay as has a flash animation and a music to avoid it restarting every time someone clicks a link, I want to find a way to have the body of the site change only, and the header...
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    Batista Finishing up with WWE at Extreme Rules?

    TOP WWE STAR BELIEVED TO BE DEPARTING THIS WEEK by Mike Johnson @ 9:07 PM on 4/24/2010 The word making the rounds in Baltimore, where the WWE crew has already arrived for tomorrow's Extreme Rules PPV, is that Batista is finishing up with the company this week. He's challenging John Cena in a...
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    Free MW2 Goggles for your XBOX 360 Avatar today only

    It's good until midnight
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    New Mess Song with Mary J Blige - Talks about Click Clack, Bay Area rappers

    speakin on a whole lot of shit... "Tell FAB i said fuck the yellow bus" lol
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    HTC Evo 4G on Sprint

    Whoa this phone is fuckin impressive... loaded with features. Their first 4G phone coming this summer. This is the one that would make me switch from AT&T and IPhone over to Spring. Apple better step their game up this summer. -4.3 Inch screen Two cameras, 1.3mp front facing & 8mp (720p video...
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    TNA Against All Odds

    Who else watched the PPV last night? I think it was good, it reminded me of the old King of the Ring tournaments.....damn glad that The Pope won the tournament and not Kennedy. Results for those who missed it: - In an 8 Stud Tournament Quarterfinal, "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero defeated Desmond...
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    WWE NXT Replacing ECW

    Vince McMahon's comments tonight on ECW were as follows: "I would like to proudly announce in three weeks' time that ECW will be going off the air. I would like to thank all the technicians, cameramen, directors, producers, everyone, and certainly all the Superstars who made ECW the success...
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    Kurupt mentions on new song

    "This is something you cant forget" last verse
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    New WWE Intro for 2010