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  1. D'struction

    my boy Jaaken outta Spokane new album

    iTZ Jaaken <-- Bandcamp site Give it a spin if ya want, I actually really like a decent amount of the songs on here. Definitely something different than your usual Spokane rap shit. I thought he killed this one here... Also, dude's tryin to get on some shows in Seattle. Who we gotta talk to...
  2. D'struction

    best hat storage??

    I know hella fools on here like hats, I've got about 30 or so and I need a good way to store the shits, I have too many to put thumb tacks in the wall and I'd rather not stack them because I don't like how they fit after they've been sitting like that for too long. Any easy ideas or good wall...
  3. D'struction

    Guns in cali? Wtf?

    Movin down there next month and not sure what to do about my guns. itsstate law that you have to register your pistol within 60 days of moving there, but ive got a lot of people tellin me not to even register just cause of everything going on down there right now... Any of you guys been hearing...
  4. D'struction

    Av Young Blaze/Avatar Darko

    Who's been bumpin it lately? Checked up on dude a while back and he's come out with a lot of dope shit. Kind of a different style of rappin, so it took a minute to get used to, but he goes hard. Recently downloaded Vampsterdam with him and Nacho and also picked up Soviet Goonion Vol. 1&2...
  5. D'struction

    What... The Fuck.

    I've been looking at apartments and shit online for the San Diego area, and wtf.... How do you even get started down there?! I met my girl here in Spokane, but she's in college here and plans on moving back down to Encinitas this December where she's from. And I plan on going with her... but...
  6. D'struction

    had to share this wit my

    chick aint too cute but DAMN!!!
  7. D'struction

    Anybody want a DL of my mixtape? The Pine Trees... Big P The Pine Trees Mixtape- tracklist 1. Pine Trees Pt. 2 2. Blowin’ Reefer Fast (BlaiseONE) 3. We Ridin’ feat. Raw B & Shy Eazy (Prod. By On One) 4. Pine Trees Pt. 1 (Prod. By On One) 5. This Is How We… feat. BlaiseONE 6...
  8. D'struction

    Who's up on Black Hippie?

    not sure of all the people in the group even buy my patna showed me a buncha shit and these guys are on hit.. 4oYwf5y9DFg XiMt_5DRpeM
  9. D'struction

    my trip to Cali

    So far has been fuckin dope. My girl goes to college at Eastern Wa so shes back in SD for the summer... I'm down here visiting her and her fam out here in Encinitas... shit is nice fam....way better than Washington ... and I don't ever wanna fuckin leave.... I fly back to Spokane tomorrow...
  10. D'struction

    some mixtape shit I did

    Just fuckin around on some Lil Wayne beat reppin the shit outta the Wash House RgBVUXqB9ds
  11. D'struction

    whos got the gif

    of that black dude fuckin the chick hella crazy with sneakers on...then he flips and pulls her off the couch and starts likin her ass? Lol... Yeah. I don't got time to search for it and I'm on my phone..
  12. D'struction

    DJ K-Phi Presents... Cash Cow - JFK Edition by JINX

    Youngster is killin' it with this mixtape. Nothin better than free dope NW shit... so give it a listen...
  13. D'struction

    fuck jason garrett

    are you serio right now? All the fucking talent you've got on the offensive ball and 0 points in the first half? Your play calling is trash. I see them run 4 of these lame ass wr screens that aren't going anywhere. This is bullshit... 4 seconds left in the half and you aint near midfield... Knee...
  14. D'struction

    Pastor shot by Spokane Valley police officer

    Fuckin pigs at it again...
  15. D'struction

    The "In My World...." Thread

    In my world... you could give any chick(not just strippers) a dollar and she would gladly rub your face between her tiddies. In my world... dank would grow on the tree in my back yard. In my world... Gas One would be president. What about you fuckin goonz?
  16. D'struction

    How many of yall deal with sunburns??

    My pasty white ass gets it every summer... Never think to put on the sunscreen, or when i do i'm like... "aww fuck it, i wont be out here very long" fucking huge mistake.. Im in so much pain right now... shit is terrible. I can imagine its only worse down in cali. Fuck a sunburn. fuck my...
  17. D'struction

    Solillaquists of Sound - Marvel

    Who's up on this? This is my first time hearing this group, shit is pretty wild. I dig it. X6GYLv7wboc&hl=en_US&fs=1&
  18. D'struction

    Hoopfest is in a couple weeks..

    who's comin to town? gotta get our promo games up... there will be thousands of people in downtown Spokane on june 26th & 27th
  19. D'struction

    How many of yall have fucked a homie's ex?

    I don't really know, I mean I don't think I would hella trip if one of my homies did this, but there's always that chance... Is there like boundaries or what? How do my bruh-goons feel about this shit??