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    C-MOB update...

    Damn those features sound sick!!! Looking forward to it
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    Court Dog speaks with

    Why don't you just put some Court Dog stuff in your sig? Then you could advertise with every post and nobody would get pissed about it.
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    Attention Indiana & Missouri Artists: See if You MADE THE CUT???

    Yeah I think more variety is needed. In states where there are more than a couple to choose from, I think you shouldn't have more than at the MOST two tracks from the same person. In stats like Wisconsin though, that might be kind of tough. But Missouri and Indiana could have more variety for...
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    Bone thugs feat. akon-forget me (clip)

    That beat knocks hard. Hook is great, Layzie's verse is decent.
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    krayzie bone thoughts

    Bone will never be what they used to be. And I think it's kind of unrealistic to call him underrated. He is the most successful member of what is probably the biggest rap group of all time, I think he's got all the props he deserves. That said, he is, as some others have said, a very talented...
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    Poetic Hustla'z-Trials & Tribulations?

    lol, my friends in high school like 7 years ago used to make fun of me because i listened to graveyard I realize why. They are horrible.
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    What yall think about the new Tech that drops Nov.7th

    I for one am very glad that Em isn't on there to ruin what will probably be the best track on the album. And saying it's not on Anghellic's level, that reminds me of all the people that hated Lynch's last CD Lynch By Inch just because it didn't sound like Season of da Siccness. Artists evolve...
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    Bro...ya gotta make that happen. That would be an instant classic. Sandman spittin some twisted shit like on "Redrum II," Lynch gettin all ripgut, and you rippin it over one of your crazy ass sinister beats...damn please follow through on this...I take it you would produce the track as well...
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    The boy is hot, I'm liking all I've heard from him, that "Swangs & Twanks," freestyles, mixtape appearances, First Round Draft Picks, etc. Anybody got word on a retail LP any time soon from him? Dude needs to do a CD with Cham on the real, they are both lyrical monsters.
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    bone w/o bizzy

    Nah Sandman is about to come up, I don't think it would be a smart career move for him to join a group that is in their twilight phase, even if they are legends.
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    Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

    Yes bone used to be my favorites, especially before flesh went to jail. He was always my favorite thug-n-harmony. I think I like Art of War, Resurrection, and E. 1999 about equally. Art of War had a few filler tracks but almost every song kicked ass (and still do). Even the short interlude...
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    Check OUt my freestyle

    Kinda sounds like Krayzie Bone but without the talent.
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    Which Guerilla Maab album do you like better...

    RISE or RESURRECTED damn it's tough. With RISE, you have "Keep Watching Me," "Rise," "South Side Story," "Still Here,...well, pretty much every track is on fire. Then again, the same goes for RESURRECTED. It's like trying to choose between a Modena and a Murcielago. Either way, you...
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    New Ric Jilla interview

    yes good interview, I like Ric Jilla.
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    Hot 103.3 Kansas City???

    Shit, I haven't even turned on the radio in years, KC or elsewhere. 99% B.S. on the waves.
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    Bone Thugs-n-Harmony Interview

    Only one I give a damn about is Flesh. What's the word on him, he still doing time or what?
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    OT: I am getting Married

    In July. Send me presents please :)
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    Anybody still play WoW?

    I just got back into this game after a 6 month hiatus. Some friends talked me into reactivating. I forgot how tight the game is. They keep putting cool new shit in the game all the time.
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    lol...that song is horrible. don't quit your day job playa.
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    Mike Love - Psychodrama Universal Session: In Stock

    thanks pimpin, i just ordered it. can't wait.