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    :: B-Legit Pictures ::

    Kanetown Creations is lookin for some pics of B-Legit. We are doing a flyer for a show that Craziness and Final Cut Records is putting on. Any pics will help! Thanks in advance!
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    First Vector Drawing

    Check it out and leave some feedback please, its my first so let me know.. Thanks Kris KTC
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    ::Spokane Hoopfest weekend - Northwest's Finest Rappers LIVE!

    Hoopfest weekend June 26th and 27th, if you can, I would come down and check it out!
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    Whats goin on? Heard you used Cubase and was pretty familiar with it. I have been having a problem with recording on the program. When I record it has some kind of delay in the recording, when I record the lyrics dont play back how they are supposed to. We are on beat but the product doesnt play...
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    ::Who want's FREE promotion::

    Within the next few months I am going to be doing FREE promotion for whoever wants it. I will cover Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho and various parts of Oregon. My team will be hitting clubs, beaches, mom's and pop's shops, and shopping malls (and of course the streets and major events in the...
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    ::ON ONE:: *diss track*

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    Dub B

    Does anyone know who he is...I'm sure seattle peeps do, if so can someone post his song yipe ki yi yo...think thats the name! Thanks Blaise
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    ::ONE of the best in the Northwest::

    Come on now...How many of you have actually gave the ON ONE snippets a chance...This IS THE DOPEST album to drop as of late from a NW indie... GIVE THE TRACKS A LISTEN AND PICK ONE UP IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR! If you buy your copy from me you can also get a free copy of Tyrants new cd Decent...
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    ::Logo for up-coming Vanilla Entertainment::

    Finally got photoshop and my computer back thank God! Here is a test logo for my record company that will be coming with some releases as soon as I get my studio hooked up and have some time to hammer out some tracks....most likely the first drop will be a mixtape since funds are low right now...
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    Anyone know how to contact Tech? Any help would be appreciated. Blaise
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    I was just wonderin what the best flash program is to create flash projects. Right now I am working with Macromedia Flash MX. Also I was wondering if anyone on the boards knows how to use flash real good. What I'm tryin to do is make a media player for my website....but not luck on that! I was...