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    if you could meet one rapper in the bay

    dont wanna do my homework right now if you could meet a rapper from the bay who would it be? dead or alive i think im gonna have to go with md
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    Need help with a song

    okay this summer i heard a song and all i could remember is "24s on the whip look so sick" somewhere along those lines some guy is saying that in the background, im pretty sure it was a bay song, sounds something like e40, turf talk, fabby something like that please help
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    J Nash question

    is j nash from the bay? the one that sings "beat that" i think i saw it on someones online diary thing and he has all the bay songs, does this guy have any other songs other than this?
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    Bay Area and the world

    im sure a lot of people have covered this, i probably would have posted this on thizzworld but there site is down anyways i think the bay is ready to go mainstream, people in arkansas now are listening to Mac Dre and Keak and the bay cause im over at my school passing there songs around but i...
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    The Bay Area and Kansas City

    i think its time for the bay and kc to blow up, bay area is just killing it right now and tech n9ne is everywhere, what you guys think? anyone know about t9 doing any shows in arkansas?