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    Looking For These CDs

    If you have any of these for sale, let me know. Or, if you are selling them on another website like Ebay, post up a link . Northern California: Full Clip – Who’z Ridin’? Gangsta Rhyme Posse – Gangsta Rhymin’ G-Roc presents Major Playaz, Hustlaz, & Gangstaz Jay Tee & Baby Bash present M.S.U...
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    Looking For A Couple Of San Quinn CDs

    I'm looking for: San Quinn - Extreme Danger San Quinn - G.O.D.: Guns, Oil, Drugs Let me know if you are willing to sell either of those two.
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    Mass 187- Real Trues Paying Dues

    I was wondering about the value of this CD. I saw a used one at a record store for $55 and was wondering if I should buy it for that price or if it's overpriced. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Looking For These CDs

    Let me know if you have any of these and I'll make an offer: 1. Poohman- Cookies 'N Drank 2. Poohman- Kaos Theory 3. X-Raided presents 20/20 Vision: At All Costs 4. X-Raided presents From The Block To The Booth 5. Joe Blow- International Blow: The Fixtape
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    Anybody Know This Ebay Seller?

    filthy-fith-ohh-five I'm trying to bid on some of his auctions, but it says that the seller is not accepting bids from me at this time. When I tried to contact the seller as to why, it says the seller is not accepting questions. Rather strange, and I can't think of why I would be blocked...
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    Anybody Else Riding Out Harvey?

    This will be a first experiencing a hurricane or the remnants of one. We're in a no-flood zone and were never required to buy flood insurance, whereas other areas of Houston it is mandatory. The house is build on a mound for lack of better words, so the water is supposed to drain down into the...
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    Lil' Hawk- Red Pagez

    Anybody get this yet? I just ordered it. About time he releases a solo album. Lil Hawk - Red Ragez - Welcome to Inglewood CD
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    The Hitman's Bodyguard Trailer

    This looks like it will be pretty funny:
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    Looking For This X-Raided Compilation

    If anyone has X-Raided presents At All Costs: 20/20 Vision on CD for sale, let me know.
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    Question About Bigg Quint CD

    This may be a dumb question, but I couldn't really find any information online and I don't really remember hearing anything about it whenever it was released. Is this Bigg Quint CD a solo project by the member of UDI?: Bigg Quint & Jay Hustler - Think Bigg - CD Is the album any good and worth...
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    Need To Catch Up On X-Raided Albums

    I haven't bought any X-Raided albums since about the time CDs such as These Walls Can Talk and Deadly Game came out, where the same songs were being recycled under different names. I desperately need to catch up. How many albums has he put out since that time that are all new material? Which...
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    How Is Prangent Formed?

    I saw this video on Tosh.O and it had me dying. After the laughter subsided, I felt pity for this retarded country.
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    Any Websites That Sell Rich The Factor CDs?

    I'm trying to get Whale Mafi and Rose Out The Concrete. I used to get them from 7th Heaven's online store, but they don't seem to sell online anymore. Rapbay is already sold out of them. Any other sources?
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    Diirty OG'z- We Got Now & Next

    Anybody heard this album?: Kurupt, Kokane, Tray Dee, Weazel Loc & Tha Chill (Diirty Og'Z) - We Got Now & Next CD I just saw it today but had heard nothing about it. Is it decent? Hard to believe this slipped by me.
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    Looking For June- No Love Lost 2 CD

    Anybody have this CD for sale:
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    Best Song On Murder Was The Case Soundtrack

    Or, write in one of the other songs since only 10 choices could be included: 1. Harvest For The World by Jewell 2. Come When I Call by Danny Boy 3. Come Up To My Room by Jodeci & Tha Dogg Pound 4. Woman To Woman by Jewell 5. Horny by B-Rezell 6. Hot One by OFTB
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    Looking For This Lil' Blood CD

    Anybody have Lil' Blood- Crack Baby CD for sale? Let me know.
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    Kutt Calhoun- King Kutt Video

    Dope song and video:
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    Rap Groups That Never Materialized

    Post up a video or song of a rap group that spent more time forming the group and/or shooting a video than getting in the studio and actually recording the album:
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    Treali Duce- The Ungodly

    Anybody know where I can purchase this on CD?