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    (1943) Walt Disney Presents The Story of One of "Hitler's Children"

    Thank you for that. It's interesting to see that at the time, this was one of their major focuses. Now Disney's major focus is which Marvel character is going to be their first gay or transgender character.
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    Looking For These CDs

    If you have any of these for sale, let me know. Or, if you are selling them on another website like Ebay, post up a link . Northern California: Full Clip – Who’z Ridin’? Gangsta Rhyme Posse – Gangsta Rhymin’ G-Roc presents Major Playaz, Hustlaz, & Gangstaz Jay Tee & Baby Bash present M.S.U...
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    Looking For A Couple Of San Quinn CDs

    I'm looking for: San Quinn - Extreme Danger San Quinn - G.O.D.: Guns, Oil, Drugs Let me know if you are willing to sell either of those two.
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    So who else is voting for Trump again ?

    That's how I vote, too. The candidates race, gender, and sexual preference are the most important. I have to see how many boxes I can check off on the Identity Politics checklist to determine my preferred candidate. Their stance on policies are irrelevant.
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    You can get the CD here:
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    Impractical Jokers

    Sorry some of us aren't as sophisticated as others in our humor.
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    Killahoe666-Be careful if your dealing with this guy

    This is another one of his Ebay accounts:
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    I haven't watched the show in probably over three years, but even then he didn't look or sound all that well. I honestly thought he was older than 77 based on what I saw on TV. He would steal the show every time on. I'm guessing that military time sucked the life out of him. R.I.P.
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    Do they own that auto body shop?
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    Mass 187- Real Trues Paying Dues

    I was wondering about the value of this CD. I saw a used one at a record store for $55 and was wondering if I should buy it for that price or if it's overpriced. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Donald Trump Wants To Give Drug Dealers the Death Penalty

    Riiiight. Just like liquor store owners turn away known drunks. If you have the money, they'll sell it to you. What fairytale land do you live in again?
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    You can't say humankind. It has the word "man" in it. It's going to offend some people.
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    Get ready for 8 years of Trump

    What are all of these Democrats campaigning for?
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    Get ready for 8 years of Trump

    Realistically, all the Democrats have to run on is their hatred of Trump. That's not enough to win an election. It was that same hatred that alienated a lot of their voters.
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    Hahahaha! He Randy Johnsoned him.
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    Do you guys think Aussie hip hop is compatIble with American hip hop?

    Okay, let's not be silly here. It's 2018.
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    Screaming at an inanimate object will really change this country.
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    Looking For These CDs

    Let me know if you have any of these and I'll make an offer: 1. Poohman- Cookies 'N Drank 2. Poohman- Kaos Theory 3. X-Raided presents 20/20 Vision: At All Costs 4. X-Raided presents From The Block To The Booth 5. Joe Blow- International Blow: The Fixtape