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    Northwest Top 5 MCs RIGHT NOW

    Curious to see what some of the homies on here have as their current top 5 in the Northwest rap game... iam currently working on my list and will provide it when its done... this damn section is dead, i was thinking this could start a nice lil convo with some of the rap heads in here...
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    Anyone Know What Happened To J Pinder??

    dude had a nice lil buzz going for himself but i aint heard anything from him in a couple years... cant say i liked all his music but there were a couple tracks he put out that im still bumpin anyone know whats up?? did he give up the rap game??
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    Squeek Nutty Bug - OG .... i had no idea he dropped new music

    came out like 5 months ago but i had no idea the old G Funk dude was droppin anything new at all.... i still bump his old album lol sure doesnt sound the same, just wanted to post it to see if anyone else saw it this is still the Squeek Nutty Bug i bump tho
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    Why is this dude Bingx trying to beef with Raz and Fatal???

    how did all this beef start?? im hoping to see a Fatal and Raz collabo track going at Bingx!!! sure seems like Neema has stayed away from this beef just curious as to how it all started i guess.... and i always wondered how Bingx got on that Caviar Gold song with Redman too lol
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    anyone on here familiar with Split 50 ( E-Dawg and Strange) ???

    i swooped this up a lil while ago at a thrift shop in the 509 lol got 2 copies of it cause they were 1 buck a pop.... any of yall know any backround on this LP??? or if they did any other work?? its basically impossible to find any solid info on it, i been lookin.... i know E-Dawg aint big but...
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    Dre C ft Manny Monday - The Cruise (Prod. Stewart Villian) SUMMER TIME TRACK!!! been blasting this for about a week now and i must say its just too damn BUTTER!!!! smooth as fuck with the beat and the flows.... if u miss that "feel good" cruising tracks then THIS right here will cure what ails you.... been...
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    Reel Wolf Presents: The Underworld .... anyone ever heard this Album?

    i had never even heard of it, didnt know where to post it honestly at first.... noticed Bizzy Bone was featured and same with Swifty McVay so i was thinking maybe yall could help me out.... looks VERY interesting, anyone got the chance to hear this?? and if u did, how was it??
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    Blue Flame Spirits = Liquor and Rap go together YEEE!!!

    this is my parents distillery, yall need to peep it out!!! we are in Bevmo stores off of 1-5 corridor ... and multiple other locations, even in NOR CAL ... peep the site and see where u can locate our product if your interested.... top shelf quality!! my personal favs are the Brandy (cognac)...
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    Anthony Danza aka AD

    there are plenty more but this dude just seems to create some real smooth music, hes the in-house producer for Messy Marv for a couple strong years now... im always lookin to support our NW rappers/producers.... i wish i could get a list of all the tracks he's produced for various artists so i...
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    Jay Barz... i seen Hunger Pains 2, is there a volume 1?

    honestly, i think Jay Barz is hella underrated, im still bumpin his work from HP2 to the 420 mix... is there a volume 1 of Hunger Pains??
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    RHS i seen you repping Sevin

    iam feeling dudes music but i see quite a few ppl saying he isnt honest fully about what hes preaching .... personally i think hes keeping it extra real while including the word of God, it could reach alot of ppl that have REAL experiences in life.... iam just curious how things are movin...
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    Soulful NW Hip Hop, Slick flow

    Big P from Wenatchee not a typical place u go when u r looking for hip hop, but this guy right here has a great sound and great topics in his raps... peep this!!! if ur lookin for sum gangsta shit...