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  1. LurccH918

    Brotha Lynch Hung - Sicc Sense (Official Music Video)

    It's like that fool ain't been the same since signing with tech. All this grrrrr shit and beats are subpar. Used to be his beats and flow were kinda ahead of it's time. Now his flow ain't the same and production sounds like up and comers shit on SoundCloud lol
  2. LurccH918

    Gabe takes the chat down...

    Yeah forums are dying everywhere. Siccness really stood out among the bay and sac rap fans. It was one of the only places you could talk to some of your favorite artists. Over the years trolls ran alot of em off but also made for some classic threads as well lol. Now they all have their own...
  3. LurccH918

    The plague 2

    Yeah I think ur right. I think dude just said this the type of shit that's gonna be on the plague 2
  4. LurccH918

    The plague 2

    Man....I was listening to the siccmixx tonight at work for the first time in a long time. I forgot all about the plague 2 samples they play. Sucks we'll never get to hear that album and made me miss the Lynch and Doomsday collabs. The plague I thought was always an underrated album. Good times...
  5. LurccH918

    What’s real name?

    Lol he was always trying to push those new Mr doctor albums and they were so trash.... probably the biggest let down in Sacramento rap history was those albums. Like how the fuck you from bloccstyle to this shit. Bombbay and oddesey were decent. After that was just a nose dive in his career
  6. LurccH918

    What’s real name?

    I remember him having the screen name Dougie on here years back. Anyone remember the Lorenzo green eyes dude lol 🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. LurccH918

    mEsSy MaRv AiN't FrOm FiLlMoE!

    Shit man...How's wish, flesh, bizzy and Krazy and them doing? You'll need to drop another album. You was always my favorite member. I been telling people for years mezzie bone was the back bone (no pun intended) of the group.
  8. LurccH918

    The Most TRASH Album You Have Heard?

    Haha I remember that dude. Was using street fighter beats lol
  9. LurccH918


  10. LurccH918


  11. LurccH918


    Just seen it on his Facebook page. Crazy....I remember the mid 90s thinking it would be forever before he got time flies
  12. LurccH918

    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    Good lookin out man. I shit you not there's a taco place in town I just seen called all about tacos. I'll take a pic when I go by there again. I was like wtf!?!? Someone's been lurking the sicc lol
  13. LurccH918

    The US needs to man-up, and implement stricter gun laws

    She's apparently into Asians now too breh
  14. LurccH918


    @TAY CAPONE1 u ever gonna do another thug religion type album?
  15. LurccH918

    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    Haha thnx man. I still come through the sicc every outta the blue
  16. LurccH918

    post your whip

    It had a bored out 400 sbc. It was bored to a 406. The motor had been completely torn down and new parts all the way through it. Forged pistons, summit cam, stall converter, ect.. the motor was redone by a guy who builds sprint car engines so it was all done top notch. Took it to the drags once...
  17. LurccH918

    So why was I banned?

    Mexcom was hella lame though. I swear he was the biggest nerd on here. Living off Doritos and mountain dew n shit
  18. LurccH918

    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    Whats up mayne. I still get on here once and awhile. Workin all the time out here doin this oilfield shit gettin mad paid but puttin in crazy hours doesnt leave much time for the sicc anymore. What happened? Forum is dead as fuck now
  19. LurccH918

    message to 90's babies

    stop wearing jordans with tight painted on jeans thank you that is all
  20. LurccH918

    R.I.P. MOM

    my mom died friday, she had cancer really bad. we found out in January and i took her to just about every single doctors appointments and radiation treatments. they shrunk down one of the tumors but it was spreading in other places and finnaly just got too bad. so here i am 27 years old with...