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  1. xraidedloc831

    Where the vets at?

    Sup everyone, been a minute since I been on here. A lot of good memories on here. Siccness BBQs "Weenie Lim" "Vamps" "Roloc" When Big Chill thought my homie lived on farm lol ahhh the good ol days. I still kept 2siccaudio around on youtube. It's not updated as frequently as I did 10 years...
  2. xraidedloc831

    What's Up Siccness Vets!

    What's up 91siccness vets, xraidedloc831 here, been here since day 1 back when Roloc ran this, siccness BBQ days. Any of the OGs still around? HI have not been on this site in a good while, just checking in. Has it really been 18 years since I joined this site?!?! (longer if you count before...
  3. xraidedloc831 is back!

    Well sort of. After 10 long years of checking and waiting for the domain to be for sale, I am now the owner of again! For now there is a URL redirect to the facebook page I have which links to my youtube page will all the great music you all love! For those who do not know, I ran...
  4. xraidedloc831

    To my siccness VETS!

    Man, I havent been on here in awhile, I come back and had to double check this was the 9-1-Siccness forum and not the open forum. What the hell is up with the topics, where is all the siccness related rap topics! sheesh lol.
  5. xraidedloc831

    Reece Loc & Thaboi P - Tryin To Get A Bucc Album!

    Reece Loc & Thaboi P got a colab album coming soon called "Tryin to get a bucc" Flipping that oldschool B-Legit Cover! This album is coming soon but check out the first and second single from the album! 55FdISNUSV8 Xsa2mkeAmAk
  6. xraidedloc831

    Brotha Lynch in the hospital

    I do not see anything on this so I thought I would post it. I first read it from Ren da heat monsta on facebook. Looks like lynch is currently not doing so well in the hospital. Please say a prayer.
  7. xraidedloc831

    HEX - The HEX Files (YGD, Stone Kold, Ren Da Heatmonsta)

    Dont sleep on this cd! Slap! Peep the tracks! 1. Intro (feat. Young O) 2. Big Business (feat. Stone Kold, Hektik Respekt It & Young Droop) 3. Weekend Bitch (feat. Jay Kane & Ralf T) 4. Mob Tactics (feat. Bullet G) 5. Life in the West 6. Real...
  8. xraidedloc831

    Red Head Steve - RedRum 2 (Produced by C-dubb and Tony Snow)

    Hey I can dream cant I? For real though, when we getting another RHS album?!?
  9. xraidedloc831

    B-Legit - What We Been Doin (New Album Out)

    April 14th on Itunes. Thought I would let everyone know. Few videos on youtube. Overall I think this album slaps! I tried uploading a track but this entire album is flagged/blocked from being uploaded to youtube. As soon as the track is finished processing, I receive a nice "Content blocked...
  10. xraidedloc831

    Young Droop is back!

    I figured its time to post a thread about it since he officially apologized for his hiatus. He has done tracks with C-Dubb, Hex and soon Ren Da Heat Monsta. Also the studio session vid shows his brother Stone Kold who we have not heard from since forever! 5ZnirykmGxs iQBeBz8IzLA
  11. xraidedloc831

    Spice 1 - Thug Candy (New Album)

    Is this new material? I was surprised to not see a thread about this already. Spice 1 – Thug Candy 01.Candy Intro 02.Candy 03.Luv U 4 Life f. L1 04.Drop It 05.Real Thang 06.Girlfriend 07.Face Down 08.Fuck Thru The Phone 09.Summertime 10.Take You Away 11.Ghetto Star 12.Heat 13.When Them...
  12. xraidedloc831

    Young Bop - Handsome Ghetto 2

    He claims he is working on it. Lets hope!
  13. xraidedloc831

    C-Dubb - Kalifornia:Home of the body bagg

    Anyone have a quality digital converted copy of this album? I wanna upload some tracks to my youtube page for C-Dubb and even he does not have a copy! The copy I have sucks!
  14. xraidedloc831

    Myth and Krack Present - The Feast

    The Album is pretty solid. Hard copies only right now. Myth said digital is coming soon. i got my copy at Cali underground in Modesto. I uploaded a few snippets. Myth said only snippets for now. qloC1gQVwy4 -gR-bF6d6h0 5RCjFexb7iQ 8iain6Idvvg
  15. xraidedloc831

    Are we ever going to get a new B-Legit album?

    Long overdue!
  16. xraidedloc831

    Black Krown - Run With Us or Run From Us (Free Download!)

    Thought I would post this one up. My friend posted about them on facebook. I think they are from stockton. This album has some slaps on it. Check out "Hallelujah" and "Ignet" to start with. Thoughts? You can download it below. Black Krown - Run With Us Or Run From Us Hosted by Team...
  17. xraidedloc831

    Keyloom Dead??

    I hope this is BS. Someone posted this comment on one of the keyloom songs I have on my youtube page. I hope this is BS! Gemini aka Grindhouse can you confirm this bs? **EDIT** LOOM IS ALIVE AND WELL THANKS ALL "Geovani Diaz1 day ago R.I.P keyloom your shit went hard"
  18. xraidedloc831

    X-Raided - PsychoActive 2 Full Songs Preview!

    Now Judge the album and tell me its not tight! This is not all the songs but its most of them. Hats off to Filthy Rich on the production and Blocc Star camp for taking their time and mixing and mastering this to sound clean to perfection! iqNULkk7WfM M060tMnUDZw Sa8t_9Ac8pI Tmmg1u-DH8A...
  19. xraidedloc831

    Download the Mcdonalds App an get free meal!

    Just sharing the wealth. Download the "McD" app, register and get a free medium extra value meal. NO BS I tried this and it worked. Wait to "Redeem" until your at the register or drive thru window as it has a 2min timer but it worked fine. This pic is from my Iphone.
  20. xraidedloc831

    2siccaudio Returns! (Youtube Channel)

    I have been running my youtube channel for a long time and always upload new Northern Cali hits from not so known artists and known. It only made sense to just to call it 2siccaudio! Come by and "Subscribe and check it out" Channe: Reece Loc - I'm...