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    Jody Lo - IDGAF

    After a successful single release in October, North Carolina creative Jody Lo follows up with IDGAF. A dark trap instrumental covered with a catchy flow and some above average bars, IDGAF could be expected to build significant momentum leading into the upcoming album release. Stay tuned for...
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    [FRESH] Jody Lo - Exotic

    Another one for North Carolina After more than 3 months of silence, Jody Lo returns to the scene with a new single; Exotic. After the release of "Tru Story" this past summer, the North Carolina lyricist has been scarce in his presence online. In a spontaneous flash, a new release drops and...
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    Jody Lo - Tru Story

    New EP spins the 'Tru Story' of Jody Lo Winston-Salem’s Jody Lo continues a streak of consistency with another release 6 months after a previously successful project. Tru Story is truly a phenomenal body of work from start to finish with 8 hits back to back. Beginning with a tribute to...
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    Jody Lo - Money talk [lofi music video]

    Jody Lo - Money talk [Lofi music video] Keep up with Jody Lo on Facebook, Instagram or twitter Tru Story - June 2021
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    Jody Lo drops off a 2nd single…. Jody Lo follows up March with another single; “Tru Story” boasting the same artwork as the previous single which could imply the full project may be releasing in the next few weeks. Apparent by his performance on the lead singles, this project is going to...
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    Jody Lo - Money talk

    Winston Salem artist Jody Lo releases new guitar laced trap hit; Money talk. A catchy southern tempo with a smooth trap instrumental. Money talk by Jody Lo is the first single from the upcoming EP Tru Story set to release June 4th. Money talk was intended to be the 2nd track on the previous...
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    Jody Lo - Big boy diamonds freestyle

    Keep up with Jody Lo on Facebook, Instagram or twitter
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    Jody Lo - I will not break the scale (Ft. KXNG Crooked, Kurupt & more)

    Jody Lo has proven to be one of the most promising artists out of Winston Salem and possibly the entire North Carolina. After a flux of consistently artistic releases since 2018 we finally get the first official Jody Lo album and the overall project is FIRE. Flowing almost perfectly to each...
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    [LEAK] Jody Lo - Fourteen

    2nd leak from the upcoming album; I will not break the scale by Jody Lo Album releases this Friday Keep up with Jody Lo on Facebook, Instagram or twitter
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    [LEAK] Jody Lo - 416 AM

    LEAKED from the upcomiing album; I will not break the scale by Jody Lo Full album January 15 Keep up with Jody Lo on Facebook, Instagram or twitter
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    SQ Bush - Birthday Ft. Young Fletcher
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    I hear an album coming… North Carolina’s Jody Lo has displayed a work ethic nothing short of exceptional. With 3 solid mixtapes in just 2020 alone, Jody Lo has built a formidable catalog over time. Today, we get a peak...
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    Jody Lo - Entanglement

    Jody Lo - Entanglement New single by Jody Lo; Entanglement is a catchy flow over a smooth R&B sample that gives a nostalgic vibe of love and sex. Entanglement is the first single released from the upcoming 2021 EP; 7 Grams by Jody Lo...
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    [FRESH ALBUM] Jody Lo - Out of the Quarantine

    Winston-Salem, North Carolina artist Jody Lo releases his 3rd mixtape of 2020; “Out of the Quarantine”. Obviously created during the coronavirus pandemic, the mixtape boasts 9 strong tracks and stands at a solid 25 minutes. Plenty of vibes on this one, the usual his and trap raps as well as...
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    Jody Lo - Never changed

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    Jody Lo - Pressure

    New single by rising North Carolina artist Jody Lo; Pressure. A short 1 minute track riddled with superb bars and a catchy flow. Only holds 1 verse but straight to the point as there were no bars wasted on this track. Available everywhere...
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    Jody Lo - No justice no peace

    Jody Lo Protesting unjust treatment of Black people in America as well as around the world. Dedicated to those who had to lose their life to encourage the black community to push for a change Sandra Bland Eric Garner Ahmaud Arbery Rayshard Brooks Breonna Taylor Tamir Rice George Floyd Emmet Till...
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    Jahron - Freedom Justice Equality

    Jahron - Freedom Justice & Equality Stream freedom justice & equality by Jahron Available everywhere
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    [Fresh Album] Jody Lo - Out of the Trap House

    North Carolina’s trap god released a 24 minute EP, “Out of the Trap House”. Jody Lo, a Winston-Salem native is following up his last mixtape from just 3 months ago with 8 tracks today. Out of the Trap House boasts 8 tracks that are taking you on a quick trip of differnt vibes, with the stand out...
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    Hurst - Queen Pin

    North Carolina artist “Hurst” of Brillionaire Mindz Crime Family hit us with a cool melodic vibe on this new track “Queen pin”. Hot enough to have us wondering what the track will lead up to? Nice smooth vibe over an instrumental produced by Soulja Got Beatz...