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  1. Gr4mx619

    Article on Lil Spank Booty

    SD CityBeat article on Lil Spank.
  2. Gr4mx619

    Lil Stormin Stakk

    Didn't see anyone else talking about him. he sounds good to me. odFqrNOX9uc u1J2204F4Wc
  3. Gr4mx619

    Name of this song?

    Does anyone know the name of the song thats playing in the car at 5:36? mCwgaGTgEPs And what CD is it on?
  4. Gr4mx619

    Early Mitchy Slick & Lil Fatal songs (90's)

    Somebody uploaded those 2 tracks on youtube that Mitchy Slick and Lil Fatal did back in the 90's. _13m2MyBbRQ c2U2S54Lr8I Did Mitchy do any songs before these?
  5. Gr4mx619

    Rare Gangsta Ern tracks

    here are a few old (unreleased?) songs by Gangsta Ern that someone put up on youtube: Vt51qMUKwWw hTbxr7_0IpE I dont think these were posted on here yet. sorry if they were.
  6. Gr4mx619

    Bay Loc Mixtape??

    I was reading a thread on here from 2005, and Bay Loc made a post talking about a "Wrongkind Killa Mixtape". Did this ever get released?
  7. Gr4mx619

    Tiny O

    I was listening to the song "Superkalimakalious" by Tiny O. I was wondering if anyone knows what album that song is on? and was it recorded before East Trippin? Heres a link if you have not heard it:
  8. Gr4mx619

    Old Baby Bandit song

    I was listening to a song called "Yous A Bitch" (Response to Heavy Hittin Ent), by Stephen Bleveland (RIP) and Baby Bandit. but does anyone know who does the 3rd verse? and what album is it on? You can listen to it here: