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    Clyde Carson @ Summer Jam, No Mention of The Team?

    I wonder how they feel about that? Why does KMEL act like burn rubber is just a Clyde Carson Song.
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    Is the Team Back Together?

    I saw some shit back in February where they were performing.
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    Clyde Carson Thread

    Bleh, Team should have stayed together and got some good producers to lace them with nice sampled tracks. They sound the dopest over Just Blaze type beats. Oh well. It's over now.
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    So She's From Pleasanton? LOL Is this foreal?

    I know its' wikipedia but they usually take false shit down pretty fast. Natassia Gail Zolot (born September 24, 1989), better known by her stage name Kreayshawn, is an American rap singer-songwriter from Pleasanton, California, though she claims to be from East Oakland. She is the daughter of...
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    DB Tha General Thread

    IF there were a King of Oakland wouldn't it be Short?
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    How did Kafhani get so big?

    He has some quality production and big named features. It's like he came out of nowhere with not much bay support.
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    Big Von Plays "Trick" by E40 & Short more now that 50 is on it.

    What's with him and his love affair with 50 cent? Before he hardly played it, now he has that shit thrown on whenever he's on the radio. 50 must have paid him under the table. Nobody even checks for his wack ass anymore to be playing him that much.
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    Bobby Brackins is from the bay? LMBAO

    He must be the wackest "artist" in the bay area. What's with doods voice. Wow. Just Wow.
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    The TEAM? Are they done?

    What happened?
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    I like E-40 BUT

    What's with all the cocaine rap on his new album? Hiphop is definitely on a formulated death bed. Everybody seems to be on this since Jeezee, it's getting stupid now. AND I LIKE 40!
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    How come KMEL stopped playing local artists?

    Not Gucci Mane enough for them?
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    What's Big Vons Obsession with Ice Cream Paint Job? Shit is garbage.

    I wonder how much payola crossed KMELs hands to play this shit every single day over and over and over. Wack ass Dallas niggas getting more spins than any bay artist. Sad.
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    Why does Big Von Play so much 50 cent? Are they paying him?

    Whenever he's on the radio. I hear 50 cent. ALWAYS. I even heard 50 in the studio and he RARELY comes out here. So what the fuck is the deal with that? I know some KMEL drones are on the board. What's with the 50 obsession?
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    What happened with the SF anthem Video?

    What more could those faggots at Viacom want? You should put Lil wayne in the video, then they'd be all over it.
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    What happened? I remember all this talk in here about so in so blowing up. Nothing?

    For the past 3 years it was always (Insert Rappers Time). Then Nothing happens. Frontline..Nothing..Big Rich...Nothing...San Quinn...Nothing..Mr. FAB..Etc Etc. I do not think the Bay will ever be national for hiphop again. The best chance has come and gone. I know it sounds fucked up but how...
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    What happened to that producer "Sho Nuff"? I know he used to post here.

    The cat who used to work with the Team. His shit was mad nice. What happened to him? Who's he working with now?
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    Whats the connection between Big Von and 50 Cent?

    I happened to turn on the radio today and it was first a 50 cent interview with big von and the next 30 mins or so was nothing but new and old 50 cent shit. I don't hear Big Von promote anybody else like he does 50. How much does 50 pay for that promotion.
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    Is Locksmith Purpously Trying to sound like Eminem on that new single?

    That shit is wack, we already have 1 eminem, I can't tolerate another annoying voice. What is he doing exactly?
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    What is "Mobb Shit" exactly?

    Are those the Bosko,Mike Mosley, Studio Tone tracks or is it the content they rap about? If it's the beats, then that will never come back because that was time specific. That shit sounds and belongs in the 90s.