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  1. kayvee

    netflix instant streaming issues?

    ive been having really shitty quality issues with netflix streaming. at times the quality goes down or up at any given moment. i have tried troubleshooting with comcast on xbox 360 and had the same issues on the pc. i asked comcast is my service was bogged down and they claim everything was...
  2. kayvee

    Wireless now available in BART's Transbay Tube

    finally! ~k.
  3. kayvee

    i hate spiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that is all. ~k.
  4. kayvee

    mc hammer's oldest daughter looks like...

    mrs. pearly from friday after next. ~k.
  5. kayvee

    deadpool and magneto movies rumored... ~k.
  6. kayvee

    lectures on the last day of class...

    why the fuck do teachers give lectures on the last day of class? and why do people ask..."ARE WE GOING TO BE TESTED ON THIS?" :dead: everyone already turned in their finals and projects and this teacher still yappin... ~k.
  7. kayvee


    Anything good from them? ~k.
  8. kayvee

    Limited Edition: Red Xbox 360 Elite ~k.
  9. kayvee

    SFIV - Fan created ads

    There is a thread on NeoGAF fill of fan art. Some of this shit is dope. Check it out: ~k.
  10. kayvee

    This makes me sick... i know the economy is bad and all but a $440 a month mortgage....come on!! people are losing their homes and these muthafuckas are complaining about using coupons and cuttin back on going out. FUCK YOU. ~k.
  11. kayvee

    bromance on mtv...

    this show is fuckin gay. my roommate got me watchin this shit cuz she think he fine. fuck this show. ~k.
  12. kayvee

    LMFAO (the group)

    anyone heard of them? i seen them at club wet in san jose and they put on a good show. its like a mix of hiphop/electro/house.. they have a song called "i'm in miami bitch" ~k.
  13. kayvee


    so i like that track clint eastwood.. they got any other good songs anyone can recommend? ~k.
  14. kayvee

    new gta game coming to ds

    march 17, 2009 gta: chinatown wars only on ds ~k.
  15. kayvee

    how are you nigga?

    A sheep in copies of Animal Crossing: Wild World sent to gaming press yesterday greets the player by saying "how are you, N***a?"
  16. kayvee


    Tell us why you think GamePro should trick your beater car. After you submit your info you will be asked to send a picture of your ride and you will be entered to win an Alpine stereo system worth $1,000 and a Sony PlayStation 3!!!!!!! Visit...
  17. kayvee

    crash (the tv show)

    anyone watching it? i just watched the first two episodes. pretty interesting. ~k.
  18. kayvee

    little britain usa

    had me rollin! ~k.