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  1. Infantry Elite

    G-Mo Skee - Wombo Combo

  2. Infantry Elite

    FiLTHMAS 3: The Final Gift

  3. Infantry Elite

    G-Mo Skee - IGNANT

  4. Infantry Elite

    Kuzzn Bank | Michael Kill | Music Video

  5. Infantry Elite

    Oakland A's Tribute - Emoney - We Here

  6. Infantry Elite

    Katz Ft. Moe Green & Emoney - Region Proof

  7. Infantry Elite

    Allen Kass, Jae Harmony, Biko, Kevin Maclane & Kuzzn Bank - Inf Gang BBQ Session #4

    Allen Kass, Jae Harmony, Biko, Kevin Maclane & Kuzzn Bank - Inf Gang BBQ Session #4 xSIxZVpcIKk
  8. Infantry Elite

    The Inf Gang Presents: Brother's BBQ Volume 1 (Produced by Sonic Sounds)

    "So good it'll make you wanna slap yo mama!" We want to keep doing these throughout the summer with various artists from throughout the bay area.
  9. Infantry Elite

    JCash - 1600: The Mixtape *FREE DOWNLOAD*
  10. Infantry Elite

    B-Dub & Katz - I Got It All *Music Video*
  11. Infantry Elite

    JCash (Inf Gang) - Cold War *Official Music Video*
  12. Infantry Elite

    Game - Daytona 500

    GoU9xhFUfVI 300 Bars was crazy...this shit is just ridiculous. He should have switched up the beat like he was doing before.
  13. Infantry Elite

    OT: Katz - Burn The Evidence *Music Video*

    I post in here pretty regularly and usually like to throw up my new videos. A lot of you guys are the type of fans im going for. Feedback is appreciate, but just watching it is enough for me. Thanks. 3yD6G8sEed4
  14. Infantry Elite

    OFF TOPIC: G-Mo Skee - When Did It Become Cool To Be A Sick Fuck?

    GDt51EUVzXM Off topic, obviously. I figured some of you guys might be interested in this.