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  1. RemyRoux

    Trump (all political posts go here)

    What is everyone's thoughts on trump? I like him against hillary and maybe biden, but as a person I think he's a fat lump of orange shit. I don't like him or his rat faced family aside from his wife. there is positives for sure, but overall, thoughts?
  2. RemyRoux


    What do you need to know? As of 23:59 Jan 31, there are officially: Confirmed Cases: 9,171 Deaths: 213 5794 suspected cases in 30 provinces. 81947/88693 are under medical observation 170 deaths and 1370 are severe cases. 162/170 deaths occurred in Hubei province (where Wuhan is). The...
  3. RemyRoux

    Mozzy RG $tupid Young - Life On The Line

  4. RemyRoux

    Eminem got Ether'd

    One of the best disses directed at him imo