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    this guy is an idiot. he is just blabbing on with a bunch of science words to make idiots think he is smarter than he is. cashin in on the gullible uneducated, kind of like church. the vaccine can't CHANGE your DNA WTF???🤣🤣🤣 DNA is in the nucleus of a cell mRNA vaccines work outside of the...
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    Are half of you guys russian trolls or what? we have all been getting vaccinated for years now vaccine mandates for schools are seriously not new. you all probably didn't pass ninth-grade science but have all of the sudden became MeDIcAl ExPERtS in the past few months. I have seen the anti vax...
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    everywhere but the cities in WA is filled with red hat idiots.
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    Just go get your shot it is really not a big deal.
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    White people

    I have no clue what you are talking about. Americans put up with this shit because we are lied to by cable news and social media. As long as the poorest Americans can afford McDonalds and a flat-screen TV they are going to put up with a lot of shit
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    White people

    I don't watch the news or support Biden I don't see anything regarding him and oil. why do you answer my post with a question instead of an answer? What do you mean by not playing ball with big oil? fuck big oil. they are fucking up the only planet we have. big oil gets big tax breaks and are...
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    White people

    Who do you think drives those lifted gas guzzlers that have never been offroad? well then it must be true. seriously though OPEC and supply and demand dictate gas prices. gas prices went down during COVID because the demand fell. when people started driving again demand went back up. also...
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    Nice post
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    White people

    I don't get it, do dumbasses think gas prices are set by the president???
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    Andre Nickatina -Train No Love (Official Music Video)

    just seems weird to make a video for an 18 year old song.
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    E-A Ski

    he seems active on social media. ask him. I messaged a few older rappers to ask shit like why an album isn't online and they all reply back.
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    Andre Nickatina -Train No Love (Official Music Video)

    does this confirm that he is out of fucks to give and is probably never going to make new music? As long as he can tour and all the same fuckers always show up he's like grateful dead touring off old shit for people who took too many drugs in their youth.
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    Mount Westmore (Too Short, E-40, Snoop & Ice Cube) - Big Subwoofer [Music Video]

    This group is about 20 or so years overdue. When are we going to hear E-40 on a Dr Dre beat???
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    I didn't come to United state to break my fucking back

    When Tony is tied up in the bathroom Hector calls him cara cicatriz this means scarface. only time anyone calls him that.
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    So you guys have to come in even though your job must be capable of being done from home? Fuck returning to work just because of rich fuckers real estate investments.
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    A-Wax Ft. King Iso - Bag Up

    that videos strange as fuck
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    Locksmith and K.A.A.N. ⛽ should make a whole album
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    BERNER Re-Evaluation Thread!

    His weed sucks now. Old stale ass shit. Bags are always a little short. It has become like overpriced bud light of weed,
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    Don't go back if you can. Fuck commuting and wasting hours of your day/week/year just to get to your job when it can be done from home. I've saved a ton of money not buying gas or lunch. House is always clean.