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  1. LurccH918

    The plague 2

    Man....I was listening to the siccmixx tonight at work for the first time in a long time. I forgot all about the plague 2 samples they play. Sucks we'll never get to hear that album and made me miss the Lynch and Doomsday collabs. The plague I thought was always an underrated album. Good times...
  2. LurccH918

    message to 90's babies

    stop wearing jordans with tight painted on jeans thank you that is all
  3. LurccH918

    R.I.P. MOM

    my mom died friday, she had cancer really bad. we found out in January and i took her to just about every single doctors appointments and radiation treatments. they shrunk down one of the tumors but it was spreading in other places and finnaly just got too bad. so here i am 27 years old with...
  4. LurccH918

    UFC Fight Links

    anyone post any links please?? everytime theres a UFC someone makes 1 of these threads. lets try and make an official link thread. i got sopcast but that isnt always reliable 100% of the time.
  5. LurccH918

    you ever ditched jacking off to fuck your girlfriend?

    i know i have lol :siccness:
  6. LurccH918

    Worlds Longest Thread: 100,000 posts

    so, whats gonna happen when it reaches 100,000? is fiddie gonna send out some "special punch" and all its hardcore followers gonna drink it when it hits 100,000? lol
  7. LurccH918

    The 14 Funniest Police Composite Sketches

    The Graphing Paper Killer This sketch of a Bolivian man who supposedly murdered a taxi driver actually resulted in the apprehension of a suspect. It was not said whether or not the suspect had ears. The "Smokey" Bandit This man was wanted for stealing cigarettes with a supreme Burt...
  8. LurccH918

    spartacus blood and sand

    anyone else watch this on Starz? show is beast as fuck. cant believe nobodys made a thread about it yet. and if they did i couldnt find it
  9. LurccH918

    Street Fighter:Jersey Shore Edition

    lol saw this shit earlier today, thought it was funny, hope its not a repost, i checked, didnt find anything. Jy5U5E71Vs8
  10. LurccH918

    Anyone ever had these??

    these gotta be some of the best chips ive ever had mexican brand snacks FTW!!
  11. LurccH918

    human ass siccness mask

    LOL kinda reminds me of the ballchinian from Men In Black
  12. LurccH918

    whats happening with that site?? anyone know anything?? its been comin soon in 09 for a long time now i'd like to see if there gonna get any street team shit goin for the DAAM
  13. LurccH918

    UFC 104 Links???

    anyone know where a good site to watch the fights?? last time, someone gave me one for the UFC102 fights, but it was so damn laggy with all the people and i didnt even really get to see shit much luv
  14. LurccH918

    Shipping your 360??

    ok, i got the label for UPS printed off, but is that all i need on the outside of the box? do i still need to write my address and name on the outside or is that label all UPS needs? and do i put the reference number in the box with the 360 or outside the box? or both? i went to xbox...
  15. LurccH918


    how many have you given out?? ive seen some peoples profiles and they have like 1000 props but only gave out 200 or so, so im just curious on your props given fucking non propping bastards LOL i given out 591
  16. LurccH918

    [email protected] pic

    HAD is puttin in work
  17. LurccH918

    The Express

    just got done watchin this, i thought it was a pretty good movie, really sad though he never got to play a down in the NFL cause he had Leukimia and died at 23 years old. Ernie Davis and Jim Brown in the backfield would have been some ledgendary shit
  18. LurccH918

    UFC 101 LINKS????

    anyone have a link to where we can see the fights?? much love if u can
  19. LurccH918

    All About The 80's Baby's

    i found this site thats has all the old shit we grew up on, from clothes, movies, cartoons, toys, food, ect.. i forgot about all kinds of this shit, until i found this, i dont know if its already been posted, my bad if it has:siccness:
  20. LurccH918

    Classic Bay Shit!!!

    man, i gotta make a thread for this shit, i havnt heard this shit in a hot minute, rap at its best in these days i remember buyin this tape several times that nigga mac shawn is the shit, this whole album slaps, but this was prolly my favorite song Hab5YLG0qsg