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    KirbyDaAlmighty, KirbyDaAlmighty, KirbyDaAlmighty

    Ok I said your name three times, please appear.
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    Deadpool - Red band trailer #2

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    Horizon Zero Dawn (Upcoming PS4 Exclusive)

    This game actually looks pretty damn amazing. Some good PS4 exclusives finally coming qvI5AHu5Xao
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    (Beef) Horseshoe Gang VS Funk Volume

    So what started all this was Hopsins lablel Funk Volume said they could take on any other rap group and put up a $500,000 bet, So Horseshoe Gang first started with this diss track rfZfZOU-6Vk Then FV (Hopsin, Jarren Benton, Dizzy Wright) just sent this track out today: boXrv31SKiA And...
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    Elio - A three wheel car that gets 84 MPG for only $6,800 Brand new

    WEBSITE WITH INFO Elio Motors ... Design is kinda meh but idgaf if it really can get 84 MPG and only is $6,800. I'll admit it is kinda stupid but This would be the perfect second car for the daily commute. I guess they are building their own engine, its a three cylinder though.
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    Siccness users original music; Official Review Thread

    Ok there doesn't seem to be a place to post and get input on our tracks anymore. I'll create this to try to keep it in one place. Try to be brutally honest with everyone posting. This should be a place to get a real critique on your music. I will start it off with my first official single to...
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    Star Wars Battlefront : Reveal Trailer

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    Dying Light

    Well Dying Light is coming out on the 27th, who is all coping this game?? I am pretty damn amped for should be a good game based on what I've seen so far......Good single player and multiplayer seems cool also. 0AyhZyOMX6A game play walk through ;SPOILERS; RLHR5smxbsc
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    Tech N9ne - Fragile Ft. Kendrick Lamar

    Honestly this is one of the best tracks ive heard in awhile, Kendrick just spazzed on it.
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    New song, first one I've mixed all myself. Any feedback would be great.

    Whatcha all think??? Mixing feedback and overall feedback would be nice. F3aY7yBbcA0
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    Yelawolf - Trunk Music Returns

    This def. is not his best work but it's new music and free. Anyone listen to this yet? Download Mixtape Yelawolf - Trunk Muzik Returns - NoDJ
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    Flipping $$$$$

    Anyone got some good unique ways to flip in the $5,000-10,000 range. Not the obvious ones like drugs etc.....
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    New Mixtape cover

    I haven't fucked with PS for awhile but here is one of my latest works.
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    Please tell me if I fucking suck ass or not gyaMWEBLH0o This is my first single to my first mixtape ever ever. Me and my dude are working on it. I'm first verse. He is way better than me... I know this lol. Another friends makes.the beat.
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    New Mixtape cover

    What yaa think lol??? It's for my upcoming mixtape Uploaded with
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    US Senate declares the entire USA to be a ”battleground”
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    This house blew up from a propane leak that my uncle was in, he is doing fine burnt up a bit but other than that not much. It Killed 1 person though and injured 2 other people. Here is a video, I honestly don't understand how someone survives that...Crazy shit... b8BB0kEeFxY
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    Prince EA - Backwards Rappers (DOOOPE)

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    Kanrocksas ANyone heard of/ going to this???? I just printed off the two day tickets. Campin out there both nights, should be a blast.