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    R.I.P. Emperor P

    Another young one gone.Seattle hip-hop artist Emperor P.
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    next video should be for

    'On Edge'...a solid video with a story line,and louis is filthy.
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    sole silhouette

    One of my favorite tracks ever,wonderin if wax would ever re-do this one cuz the sound quality,for whatever reason kinda lacked,and maybe another verse would be nice.Prob unlikely,but why not ask..
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    a-wax presents:Young Brayzie

    Wax,you know if this album was ever completed?I found a couple tracks on youtube,and was curious if it dropped.
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    NFL Football on TV- field audio only

    What would think of that?No commentators,just players mic'd up....not the huddle of course,but would'nt you rather listen to the pre-snap shit..and the hittin.I'm sick of the announcing for NFL football it has become such a cockstroking fest.You can go an entire game listening to 1...
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    How many New Era hats you bought in 07 ?

    I trip out,cuz when I was younger a pro fit NE cost like 16-17 i have to buy'em for 29.00-32.00 at the mall...but it's really the only hat option in my opinion.Other hats just don't fit my grape right,except the trust 5950.Just curious how many you have bought in 2007.Post a flick...
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    Can Hawaii beat Georgia???

    I went and watched Hawaii in person,and was very unimpressed.Brennan is cool,alot of his work is done in the short passing game,but the spread is at 8 1/2 in and my boy went 1000 dollars apiece,and took Georgia.When Hawaii was announced to play Georgia,I thought it would open anywhere...
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    WTF Is Goin On (Special Teams)

    It's not even noon yet Leon Washington 98yd NY Jets Allen Rossum 98 yd PITT Yamon Figurs 75 yd punt Balt Jerome Mathis 84 yd Houston
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    Why the fu$k don't the Niners

    Why don't they keep the 1981 uniforms,and shitcan them brutal 3-D joints.I don't give a fuck,I hate the Niners,but the OG uniforms are classics.
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    When's Key Loom droppin?

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    10 TEAM LEAGUE *-start RB-Frank Gore 1* RB-Cedric Benson 3* RB-Marshawn Lynch 4* RB-DeAngelo Williams 7 RB-LenDale White 9 QB-Drew Brees 2* QB-Alex Smith 13 WR-TJ Houshmenzadeh 5* WR-Jerricho Cotchery 8* WR-Devery Henderson 10* WR-DJ Hackett 11 WR-Antwuan Randle El 14 WR-Anthony Gonzalez 16...
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    Def Jam @Chop Suey Friday 6:00

    Anyone know of any artists performing for them beside Young Soprano?I know 10 kats made the cut out of 300,and I was wondering if any of them were familiar names?
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    Mr.Doctors "Documentary" Soundscans (inside)

    "Title Report: DMA Sales" "Title:DOCUMENTARY:siccness: ",Tracks TW:2,2007 YTD:48,RTD Units,% TOT "Artist:MR. DOCTOR",Tracks RTD:455,,Total:3296,, Format:Album,,,LP:0,0 Label:EPID,Wks Top 200:,,Cassette:0,0 Release Date:2004-09-21,TW Rank:,,CD:3282,100 Catalog:CAT:00001,LW Rank:,,DVD:0,0 ,2W...
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    Bammer's 07 NCAA Football Poll

    Here's what you've all been waiting for.The Guru,after months of analysis,has come up with the same shit as almost all pre-season mags.Here's the rundown. 1.Southern Cal 2.West Virginia 3.Louisiana St. 4.Virginia Tech 5.Penn St. 6.Louisville 7.Michigan 8.Oklahoma 9.Texas A&M 10.Florida...
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    Real Hair Clippers

    Anyone know of a place online to grab some legit clippers.I'm not fuckin with these 20 dollar specials that can't line you up....I want some barbershop shit. RIP to my old ones...had'em for 15 years.
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    SF Giants Fans

    Welcome to the beginning of watching the most freakish,dominant pitcher for the next decade.Tim Lincecum throws for the first time against Philly tonight....a 5'10 170lb freak who has dominated in AAA Ball so far.+fastball+curve,slider,change.............UofW !
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    Takeo Spikes to Eagles Yes sir.time to shore up that run Defense,and get back to Elite status in the NFC.Hope his shit is 100%,he's only 30!:siccness:
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    I think Akon is wack as fuck

    and annoying.
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    Go ahead and have your very own personal MMA thread,instead of bumping topics down.