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  1. Eklypisedx2

    Pastor Troy - P.T Cruzza - New Album

    Anybody heard this one yet? He only out it on his website for sale...I can't even find a tracklist for it
  2. Eklypisedx2

    Feature points app

    This isnt any spam shit. Ive made about $50 worth of amazon gift cards by just downloading the apps, playing um for a couple minutes then deleting them. I usually do it when Im waiting somewhere or just bored. But you can get Bitcoin, amazon gift cards, paypal, itunes, best buy, walmart, etc...
  3. Eklypisedx2

    Will Do or Die come out with another album?

    My hope is Traxster will produce another Do or Die album. Anybody heard anything? Or mabey another Crucial Conflict or Psychodrama album
  4. Eklypisedx2

    2 shooters on top of building in Vegas?

    This is from a tourist video. The guy will point out where the possible shooters are at. But it looks like their shooting simultaneously and possibly in different directions. Theirs also a helicopter flying in front of Mandalay Bay. It does have a strobe on the back of it so some people say its...
  5. Eklypisedx2

    British Surgeon Was Branding His Initials On Livers

    Arent you getting paid enough as a surgeon why would you want your initials branded inside somebody too? All he can get punished with is a fine, community service, or in the most serious cases a jail sentence of up to six months. woppdie damn doo Surgeon Who Etched His Initials on...
  6. Eklypisedx2

    Tech N9ne - Dont Nobody Want None (off the Planet album)

    Im feeling the beat
  7. Eklypisedx2

    12 year old attempts suicide by jumping off overpass, lands on car killing the driver

    Police: 22-year-old woman dead after 12-year-old boy jumped from I-66 overpass onto car | WJLA FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (ABC7) — Virginia State Police say a 12-year-old boy's suicide attempt has left a 22-year-old woman dead after the boy jumped off an overpass on I-66 and landed on the woman's car...
  8. Eklypisedx2

    Doomsday Productions

    Has Doomsday Productions came out with a new album in the past few years?