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  1. Dead Blue

    Brotha Lynch Hung - Fatal EP

    What's every one think of this joint?
  2. Dead Blue

    New Music

    Who made the beat? I think you need to find yourself before you post your music publicly. Your hook is cool but your delivery needs a lot of work. Also and this will be a huge improvement, a verse needs to be longer than 4 bars. Taking some serious time to work on your tempo will also help...
  3. Dead Blue

    A-Wax - Tiger Woods

    its an okay song. bumpable but deff not a-wax's best
  4. Dead Blue

    Explosive Mode Tape Bonus Track?

    I always heard that there was a bonus track on the tape version but I never came across the tape in the wild. Well today I came across this photo giving proof to the rumor. Does any one have a rip of this song? Be A Believa'
  5. Dead Blue

    Brotha Lynch Hung - Slam

    so who is he talking about, first degree?
  6. Dead Blue

    👽👽👽 dru down feat uso - war

    sounds tight
  7. Dead Blue

    B-Legit- The Hemp Museum

    The singles for Hemp Museum are hard AF but the album itself lacks the same energy. It's good, but I feel like it didn't live up to it's full potential. B-Legit is dope AF as a whole.
  8. Dead Blue

    Snubbz x Uzzy Snubbz

    was hoping for a physical release, but still going to cop this one.
  9. Dead Blue

    Sacramento Rap.

    what u looking for?
  10. Dead Blue

    Anybody cop that V8

    hella weak ;/
  11. Dead Blue

    Anybody cop that V8

    some singer lynch has signed to madesicc muzicc
  12. Dead Blue

    Anybody cop that V8

    He just dropped his shit yesterday, I don't like homies vocals, he ain't no D-Dubb for damn sure. But curious if the Raided & Lynch joints on it are sick?
  13. Dead Blue

    Snubbz x Uzzy Snubbz

    This song is alright but Snubbz style as a whole is ill as fuck. Hope he drop a new album soon.
  14. Dead Blue


    I think Loki is dope as hell but his style ain't for every one.
  15. Dead Blue

    Brotha Lynch Hung - Ripgut : The Vault

    This one is pretty weak compared to the last 1 Ithica is the only song im feeling
  16. Dead Blue

    anyone fuck with Larry June

    that black c joint on the new Larry June release is dope as hell.
  17. Dead Blue

    Philthy Rich - My Pain (Official Video)

    dope ass beat!
  18. Dead Blue

    C-Bo -What U Lookin At feat. Aktual, Zay Money

    Beat is hard, spits are dope. The mufucka singing the hook though, he ain't weak but it ruins the song.
  19. Dead Blue

    Brotha Lynch Hung - The Turnmanator EP

    Feeling it, way better than the last one. Even feeling the song with Twisted Insane on it.
  20. Dead Blue

    Hd of Bearfaced

    some of my favorites, he has more dope tracks though