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  1. corinthian


    suck my hog.
  2. corinthian

    I said goddamn!

  3. corinthian

    This guy deserves your attention.

    Andrew Hawkins Has Some Remarkable Thoughts On Protest p3-94BBs2rk
  4. corinthian

    400 lb highschool running back

    cheatmode activated, lol. he sucks, but he's just too big for them lil dudes to bring down right away 0X9WwxzZ8E4
  5. corinthian

    dolphins vs bucs monday night football

    the bucs are winless and the phins got all the controversy going on. should pull in huge ratings!
  6. corinthian

    Oklahoma vs Baylor and Oregon vs Stanford

    shit is on, some great matchups tonight. why the fuck both these games on at the same time
  7. corinthian


    Human Ass Otter "sup brehs"
  8. corinthian

    Official 2013-14 Los Angeles Lakers Season Thread

    welcome haters clips going down tonight!!
  9. corinthian


    Haven't seen anything about dude on here and he's dope. just dropped a new ep too: T88B-1Rk8uo TWO. | P. Blackk he killed it on his feature off the new rjd2 album(rj came out with another great album too): h8ieEIPEPyE
  10. corinthian

    ucla vs oregon

    ducks already lost a fumble and gave up a TD, ruhroh
  11. corinthian


    Deputies searching for three suspects in attempted sexual assault | on the left lol
  12. corinthian

    the queefs are going down!!!!!!!!!!!!

    time to expose these overrated ass bitches, home invasion on that ass!!!
  13. corinthian

    oregon @ washifas

    should be a good game
  14. corinthian

    washington @ stanford

    Good game so far. see some nice talent out there, draft prospects
  15. corinthian

    the redskin is going down!!!

    flynn starting, TP2 inactive. fuck shanahanarama
  16. corinthian

    this shit go hard- new project pat track

    Project Pat ft. Juicy J - Be A G
  17. corinthian

    The Donkeys Are Going Down!!!

    I don't give a shit what the spread is, we takin this one in their house. fuck all the analysts too!
  18. corinthian

    Monday Night Football

    what happened to the stealers fans that used to post here? they don't want to rep the team now that they suck?
  19. corinthian

    nfl hits

    rip to that rams player