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  1. K

    Dam is JT Da Bigga Figga on that stuff?

    JT actin out more than Mess with all this online shit. Not sure if he’s tryin to get his name poppin right now or what. I don’t remember JT ever havin a drug issue, but seems like all the Frisco legends gotta habit at the moment.
  2. K

    Cash money lavish Donald Oliver

    Don’t really care what people SAY about Subtae, post some real paperwork or keep your feelings in your purse.......his new shit goes
  3. K

    Rich The Factor Interview At 5pm

    Rich was gonna do an album and tour with Messy Marv before he got locked up. Any chance that's gonna happen when Marv gets outta jail? Also, he's a mutual friend of Diggs and Mess. I would say ask him his thoughts on their situation, but I don't know if you wanna ask Coop. Don't know if Rich...
  4. K

    Mozzy Interview on Sway In The Morning

    Old song but what's with Lav and Snubbz on the track together? A lot of talent in Sac, too bad its divided. I think Sac has more talent than the bay right now.
  5. K

    Joe blow running from A-wax

    This never gets old
  6. K

    Will we get an Lavish D/ X Raided/ Killa Tay Track?

    There both still locked up in the same facility. They got mutuals in C-BO and T-Nutty (probably more). Lav name dropped Killa Tay on the new album. I think everybody would fuck with it off top. What's the likelihood of this happenin? Would anyone else wanna hear it?
  7. K

    Snoop Dogg posted "Feelin Like Mac Dre' on his sound cloud

    We all like the fact you were ORIGINAL about all this! Also who else more fitting than Malki to make a Mac Dre tribute? Sorry but your late to the party, also it was horrible. It's a good way to leech off a legend for some YouTube baiting clicks, it's not gonna get you the respect from your...
  8. K

    Lavish d killa city reply

    One of my favorite Whole team goes in
  9. K

    Lavish d killa city reply

    If you read the book, Lav talks about the person he wrote this song about in more detail. He never name drops whoever it is, but you can tell it's real real personal. Had like a brotherly relationship till he got crossed. Lav can write some deep songs.....
  10. K

    Kurt Diggler jumped

    Yea I figured you were fuckin with him on this, but damn every time somethin happens like this I always think about all of this. Rappers don't have to participate in social media, but it's easy and free publicity. I'd like to think if your someone with a buzz and quality music like Mozzy the...
  11. K

    Has anyone heard anything about T Nutty Blue Venom Release?

    He's takin forever to drop this shit, taking years. If it drops and We get mostly recycled bars........ Then I give up on his shit
  12. K

    One Mob – Intro

    No AJ doesn't have the worst verse, that's lil blood blood. If he wants to impress me he'll reply to Lav. He won't even call Lav out while he's caged up! Him and Rue make Livewire look pussy. That video of Rue where he slapped the drunk guy outside the store was pathetic
  13. K

    Messy Marv Out 09/17

    He got transferred from Rockwall to Huntsville. Projected release date 09/17/2015. Also him and Rich The Factor are dropping an Album "Worldwide Hustlin" and are going on tour.
  14. K

    Eastcoast producers with Westcoast Artists

    Any good combos that you think would be dope? I think these would slap - A-Wax Alchemist -Killa Tay Necro -Nipsey Hussle Pete Rock
  15. K

    DJ Fresh and Flying Lotus: The Flyest & Freshest

    They should do a collaboration album. It would be a good way to link the bay & la. Both have their own network of rappers they work with & it would open up many doors for the both of them. Both are instrumental DJs, from the west, & have crazy sample ideas. Plus it would market each other's...
  16. K

    Mozzy Next Body On You Pt 2

    Dropped Nov. 7th. Can't believe nobodies spoke on it. Grab it, better than the first. Sayin somethin cause the first body he dropped was good
  17. K

    best mozzy album

    The album its on is Molly World album. The last track on the cd.
  18. K

    Messy Marv Signed Lavish D

    A few days ago Lavish D announced that he has signed with Messy Marv. By richboylavish THE DEAL IS SEALED......U NIGGAZ BOUT TO REALY HATE ME FOR THIS ONE.....BANK'D UP ENT/SCALEN INC #FACTS Messy Marv confirmed the signing yesterday. Aye getcha popcorn. Banked up click. Click clack gang...
  19. K

    why does philthy claim oakland really

    He said that Livewire stamp was phony on Philthys Messy a fake blood mixtape. J stalin just feels this aint a "livewire" issue. Well, because it really isn't. Philthy made his bed, lets all watch The bOybOy ‏@LiLPaperdUpMess 21h Nigga told me fuck live wire I see the stamp doe huh fake...
  20. K

    why does philthy claim oakland really

    Philthy needs to cut this shit out, J Stalin won't save you. Someone get Philthy and Kurt a thesaurus, going at all these people they're gonna need to get those bars up. ‏@JSTALINLIVEWIRE 19h @LiLPaperdUpMess keep my label out that shit that's between u and Phil I...