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  1. JAPE

    THE "Post Your Graffiti" THREAD......

    I been around. trying to get my life together and shit. Lol. haven't been on the internet too much the past 5 years. but im still out here.
  2. JAPE

    THE "Post Your Graffiti" THREAD......

    RIP my brother slur
  3. JAPE

    THE "Post Your Graffiti" THREAD......

    I been drawing a lot lately and playing the king spray graffiti game on VR. its a game changer. i quit for like 7 years and recently got active again
  4. JAPE

    THE "Post Your Graffiti" THREAD......

    damn this shit been dry as fuck.
  5. JAPE

    The Official "THIS IS HOW I EAT" Thread...

    I been cookin steaks sous vide. Im loving it because i can throw it in the water straight out the freezer and then leave the house and not even worry about it. I come home and it's fully cooked all i have to do is sear it. Makes making huge chunks of meat really easy.
  6. JAPE

    Favorite music app?

    Youtube Music. me and the fam watch a lot of youtube. so i pay like 15 a month and get to listen to music while my phone is locked. plus no ads on any youtube video/song so i can't complain.
  7. JAPE


    RIP OG. dude always treated everyone with respect. dude took care of me and the homies when we were 15-18. I'll always remember this man.. I can't lie syko passing away fucked me up . RIP Big Syke
  8. JAPE


    Man RIP Syko. FUCK
  9. JAPE

    Just got caught with a pound and a half.

    Then i showed them my card.. they weighed it and i drove home and rolled a blunt and ate my taco bell.
  10. JAPE

    So im bout to be setting up an aquarium.

    and gettin an oscar and a algae eater. but i dont know exactly what i need.. from what i understand is i need a Filter with a BIO wheel. and a heater. thermometer. and a PH, carbon dioxide, nitrite, nitrate, testing kit.. but is that all?? oh and a tank.
  11. JAPE


    How CHREE was born
  12. JAPE

    you laugh you go to bed

    and turn your computer off... ill start
  13. JAPE

    I been gone for a miiiiiiiinute

    and i don't get no "wheres jape" thread?? fuck you all
  14. JAPE

    Have you heard the storys bout Henrietta Longbottom?

    don't sleep on this I seen henrietta sittin down by the well, messin with her camel toe talkin on her cell, breakin up some weed gettin ready for a blunt, but she never felt the need to fix her wedgie in the front. Her mama was a crocodile. MC-7JnR-rm0
  15. JAPE

    How many portland heads remember this

  16. JAPE

    Taking Baths

    a couple of you fools tried to clown me for taking a bath.. saying thats some female shit... I enjoy baths... hot ass baths with a female... no bubbles... champagne and some grapes... the only time i take baths is with my girl or when im sore ass fuck.. but someone on here tried to tell me im...
  17. JAPE

    Bizzy Bone - New album "Greatest Rapper Alive"

    WHAT THE FUCK @ the beats especially the one at 1:08 garbage beats i cant stand wack beats. i never picked a bizzy cd up and probably will continue.
  18. JAPE

    Siccness is a newfag.

    it won't let me triforce ▲ ▲ ▲
  19. JAPE