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  1. JAPE

    Just got caught with a pound and a half.

    Then i showed them my card.. they weighed it and i drove home and rolled a blunt and ate my taco bell.
  2. JAPE

    So im bout to be setting up an aquarium.

    and gettin an oscar and a algae eater. but i dont know exactly what i need.. from what i understand is i need a Filter with a BIO wheel. and a heater. thermometer. and a PH, carbon dioxide, nitrite, nitrate, testing kit.. but is that all?? oh and a tank.
  3. JAPE


    How CHREE was born
  4. JAPE

    you laugh you go to bed

    and turn your computer off... ill start
  5. JAPE

    I been gone for a miiiiiiiinute

    and i don't get no "wheres jape" thread?? fuck you all
  6. JAPE

    Have you heard the storys bout Henrietta Longbottom?

    don't sleep on this I seen henrietta sittin down by the well, messin with her camel toe talkin on her cell, breakin up some weed gettin ready for a blunt, but she never felt the need to fix her wedgie in the front. Her mama was a crocodile. MC-7JnR-rm0
  7. JAPE

    How many portland heads remember this

  8. JAPE

    Taking Baths

    a couple of you fools tried to clown me for taking a bath.. saying thats some female shit... I enjoy baths... hot ass baths with a female... no bubbles... champagne and some grapes... the only time i take baths is with my girl or when im sore ass fuck.. but someone on here tried to tell me im...
  9. JAPE

    Siccness is a newfag.

    it won't let me triforce ▲ ▲ ▲
  10. JAPE


  11. JAPE

    how many of you got your

    ass licked by a bitch... real talk. this came up in a discussion with some homies and alot of them say they've got it before.. im straight on it personally. but they dig it??. so whos willing to admit it.
  12. JAPE

    fuckin shit

    a 4oz bottle of hydrocodone syrup gone so quick.. where the fuck did it go..
  13. JAPE

    Best story tellers in rap music...

  14. JAPE

    Headed to san fransisco

    what should i check out?? gimme some coo shit to see.. wheres the best food spots?
  15. JAPE

    WTF is up with these ads?

    to the left and right of this... baracknews vs twitter.. FIGHT!
  16. JAPE

    reno/san fransisco

    takin a trip august 14th to reno till the 18th. then headin to the sco for 3 days. bout to peep that king tute exhibit. anything else i should check out?? wheres the bomb at?
  17. JAPE

    Today is my friday..

    its 95 and this is how im doin it today. Fuck your day
  18. JAPE

    forum fuckin up??

    nothing updating for me.. wtf
  19. JAPE

    Baking Soda Free... kokane, luni

    AND THE HOMIE STEADY LOCC come support the boy.
  20. JAPE

    WTF is the point of this??

    this probably doesnt need its own thread so i expect this to fail soon. But.. what the fuck is the point of a robotic fish, couldnt they be working on robotic people or somethin to make us breakfast in the monring..?? WTF IS THE POINT discuss eO9oseiCTdk