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  1. ant_johnson_16

    Jets @ Colts

    Who you takin?
  2. ant_johnson_16

    OT- Snug Brim- "Another Day On The Blokk"

    Free Mixtape download at
  3. ant_johnson_16

    OT: Stevie Stone At Gathering?

    What do ya'll think of that? They normally book a few "non juggalo" acts. Tech got hella exposure from doin the show. I think it would be cool to see Stone's fan base jump. Im not much of a juggalo fan myself but I'll be damned if they're not a loyal fan base. What yall think if Stone...
  4. ant_johnson_16

    Free Programs to Chop and Screw

    Do you guys know any? I'd prefer to not have to buy turntables and all that shit. I wanna do it right from my computer. Any ideas?
  5. ant_johnson_16

    DJ Loon Chopped and Looned Tech albums?

    I got the Absoulute Power, does anyone know where to find the other albums he did. If you got a link post it up, it should be fine since loon gave these away.
  6. ant_johnson_16

    Old Merch

    Im lookin for the Strange Music Dickies and one of the old snake and bat shirts with this logo sewn on... If anyone has any for sale...lemme know.
  7. ant_johnson_16


    Ok Kansas City, its goin down Friday April 2. @ The Riot Room 4048 Broadway Kansas City Missouri 64111 phone #816.442.8179. show starts at 830pm and goes until 1am 21 and over show no exceptions, tickets are only $7.00 @ the door. some dj has the patio party booked the same night, but it dont...
  8. ant_johnson_16

    3/5/2010 Columbia MO

    Who's goin? I know theres some cats on here from CoMo and surrounding areas. Anybody gonna make it out?
  9. ant_johnson_16

    Digital Murder Dog Issue

    Volume 16 #3. This article is new to me. If its been posted I will delete the thread. Theres a Tech interview and a Big Scoob interview. Edit- I gotta give props to posting this in the Midwest forum. Also check out Ron Rons article.
  10. ant_johnson_16

    OT: Stevie Stone

    Join Stevies new site and forum and download The Countdown- Himmi Hyme Vol. 3.
  11. ant_johnson_16

    The Official Random Thought Thread

    Mods, can we get a sticky for this. It could cut down on the off topic threads and limit them to this one. My random thought is that Im ready for Raw and UnKUTT. Stevie stones came thru. Kutt was wantin to get bun b. Kutt's been seriously steppin his talent up more and more everytime I hear...
  12. ant_johnson_16

    Merry Christmas, Quanza, Hannuka

    I like alot of you on here, and i cant stand some of you on here. Regardless, Happy Holidays to you and your friends and family. Be thankful for what you have. It could always be ALOT worse. So, feel blessed and have a fun and safe Christmas or whatever you celebrate!
  13. ant_johnson_16

    Nesto The Owner

    Artist from KC, he was featured on Tech N9ne's "In The Air" from Sickology 101. His album Career Killer is coming out on Christmas. In the meantime, check out his 2 mixtapes.
  14. ant_johnson_16

    Alabama vs. Florida

    Alabama vs. Florida Game who ya takin? Im thinkin the tides gonna roll.
  15. ant_johnson_16

    Alan Wayne?

    Does anybody know anything about dude or where I can find more music?
  16. ant_johnson_16

    Little Rock Roll Call

    Me and LDS will be there. Anybody else going?
  17. ant_johnson_16

    P Da Thief/ P Da Thizz Kid

    Where can I find more of his work? I've looked at the 7th Heaven site and theres nothing.
  18. ant_johnson_16

    Question about a dog.

    How the hell do you stop a neighbor dog from barking all night? From 9pm-3am my neighbors dog would NOT shut the fuck up. I yelled at it, threw rocks, threw fireworks, nothing would stop this fucking dog. Aside from killing it is there anything to do? Is there fuckin noise laws? I just want to...
  19. ant_johnson_16

    DJ Chill

    Whats his status, I know he was DJ'ing for the Rock The Bells. Is he full time now? Whats up with him?
  20. ant_johnson_16

    Riv Locc outta KC!! I posted his new album with 90 in the sicctunes. I was asked to do so by Riv. He's tryin to expand his fanbase. You might know Riv by being a member of the Chop It Up Click and he was recently featured on Kutt Calhouns "feature...