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    chemical imbalance song off of crime bosses shit

    one that track chemical imbalance is that crime boss and eightball, or mr. mike and eightball? thanks
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    so that punk hit 600

    ...fuckin' a-roid...everybody forgot bout his use, and bonds is still gettin' fucked...fuck steriods
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    who r the fedz from suave house?

    where r they from? i just bought a suave house compalation from amazon and they got some songs from eightball and mjg, tela, south circle and the fedz...never heard of em thanks
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    Quinton jackson vs nogueira!!!!!!

    Quinton Jackson vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira targeted, UFC 119 or UFC 120 likely John Morgan, Jul 1, 4:46 pm EDT Email Print Quinton "Rampage" Jackson (30-8 MMA, 5-2 UFC) and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (19-3 MMA, 2-0 UFC) have agreed to meet in an upcoming light-heavyweight...
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    fight night round 4 question??

    is there any way to change the controls so it's like the old fight nights? like round 3? thanks!!
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    what's the new criteria for pitchers goin' into the hall of fame

    if you have 300 wins in baseball you'd pretty much be a lock for the hall, but since baseball has changed so much what do ya'll think should be the mark to consider a pitcher a hall of famer? the homerun totals have gone down through out the years so i guess 500 is a good number but not to many...
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    for the baldhead rick mixtape vol. 4? right on
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    Where is Pizzo

    from??? i always thought he was from Oakland but one of my boys said he was from sac...i'm pretty sure he's from oakland...i bet him 5 bucks thanks
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    keak da sneak song question

    there's a song with keak on it with the rocky beat...what cd is that off of? thanks
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    HUGE NAME AGREES TO WWE HALL OF FAME...THEN PULLS OUT By Mike Johnson on 2010-02-23 18:09:08 As we broke earlier today in the Elite section, the original plan for the 2010 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony was to make former WWF champion The Ultimate Warrior the star inductee. Warrior...
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    smackdown ppv elevator

    WWE ELIMINATION CHAMBER PPV ELEVATOR: THE SMACKDOWN STARS By Buck Woodward on 2010-02-23 17:34:01 Sort of a new twist on the "Elevator" concept, as I look not only at the performance of the wrestler on the PPV, but the way they have been positioned leading into Wrestlemania. Yesterday, I...
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    Since the homie SC_40izzzz8 made a comment

    bout it i decided to pick up the history of the world heavyweight championship this saturday...shit was off the hook...check it out if you ain't seen it or whatever....i didn't realize wrestling has been around since pretty much the beginning of time lol the said wrestling used to...
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    no $$$$$ in da back!!!

    NO MONEY IN IN THE BANK AT WRESTLEMANIA THIS YEAR By Dave Scherer on 2010-02-18 18:07:15 It looks that way as WWE is now advertising that the July 18th PPV is titled "Money In The Bank". Also, they have April 25 PPV listed as "Extreme Rules" while the May 23rd show is now being called "WWE...
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    Bushwick Bill-Phantom of the Rapra???

    how is this album? worth getting? got good reviews on amazon, what about ya'll? thanks
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    As officially announced yesterday, TNA will be moving Impact to a Monday night timeslot on SpikeTV, going head to head with WWE Raw on the USA Network. The initial plan is for Impact to be broadcast live every other week, with a taped episode on the alternating week, going up against the always...
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    2-Illeven re-release

    did 2-illeven come out with the re-release for ounce of game thanks
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    what is gonna be the card this year....imo Cena Vs Batista Triple H Vs HBK (im going out on a limb with this one) Edge Vs Jericho so far this is all i can make out of what's going on, i'm probably way off but hey it's just for fun what about ya'll?
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    damn no monte ellis?!?!?!

    Point guards Deron Williams(notes) of Utah, Chicago's Derrick Rose(notes) and Boston's Rajon Rondo(notes) will make their All-Star Game debuts next month in Dallas, sources said Thursday. Williams, Rondo and Rose top the list of reserves chosen by the league's coaches to participate in the Feb...
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    frank gore to pro-bowl

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. - San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore(notes) has been added to the NFC squad for the Pro Bowl, replacing injured Rams running back Steven Jackson. Jackson nursed a troublesome back for much of the season. Gore will join three teammates in the Jan. 31 game in Miami...
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    COMPLETE TNA IMPACT SPOILERS FOR JANUARY 14 AND XPLOSION SPOILERS By JP Nichols on 2010-01-05 20:57:15 JP Nichols was at the Impact Zone for tonight’s Impact tapings for the episode to air on January 14, 2010. Tonight, inside the Six Sided Ring: For Xplosion: Eric Young defeated...