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  1. pyromanaic414

    CDs for sale/trade

    PM me for pics+details. Everything is in at least complete condition. If you're interested in trading, here's my wantlist. It's mostly weird shit probably none of you have but I'm open to other similar stuff. 50 Cent-The New Breed (CD+DVD) 8Ball & MJG-On Top Of The World BG-Life After Cash...
  2. pyromanaic414

    Strange Music sues Strainge Music
  3. pyromanaic414

    Rittz Leaves Strange

    Rittz Explains Split With Strange Music - hiphopearly
  4. pyromanaic414

    Z-RO-Melting The Crown

    1. Intro 2. Don't Stop Now 3. Keep It Real (Feat. Rick Ross) 4. Talking To the Popo 5. The Real is Back 6. See Me Now 7. Too Many Niggaz (Feat. Lil Keke) 8. Sweet James 9. Miss My Mama (Feat. Mike D) 10. Way 2 Fly 11. Look Good 12. Poroupine (Feat. Kirko Bangz) 13. I'm Alive 14. No Help I won't...
  5. pyromanaic414

    Tech Dollars

    Who's gonna pick up one of these Strange Music coins? Strange Music - 2014 Inaugural Collectors Coin Strange Music, Inc Store Everybody on facebook is buying one because they are apparently illiterate and don't see it's made of brass with a silver coating and not solid silver.
  6. pyromanaic414

    Pharoahe Monch: PTSD

    [00:27] 01. The Recollection Facility [03:14] 02. Time2 [03:17] 03. Losing My Mind [01:05] 04. Heroin Addict [03:38] 05. Damage [03:07] 06. Bad M.F. [00:21] 07. The Recollection Facility Pt 2 [04:22] 08. Rapid Eye Movement feat Black Thought [02:28] 09. Scream [00:59] 10. SideFx feat Dr. Pete...
  7. pyromanaic414

    Acie High (of Aqualeo)-L.O.V.E.

  8. pyromanaic414

    Miami Beat Wave, ¡Mayday! & Artofficial-Neighbors Mixtape

    Miami Beat Wave, ¡MAYDAY! & ArtOfficial - Neighbors | Download & Stream | :siccness:
  9. pyromanaic414

    Strange Music features

    I don't feel the need to make a new thread for everything i find that had someone from Strange featured so I'm gonna post it in here. qYMNbeYPwC4 Liquid Assassin-Mongrel 1. Like Me 2. Fire 3. Creature Featuring Twiztid & Rittz 4. Liquid Buddy 5. Clubber Lang 6. From the Bottom featuring Celph...
  10. pyromanaic414

    Potluck-The Humbolt Chronicles

    Ft Krizz & Rittz Potluck - The Humbolt Chronicles // Free Mixtape @
  11. pyromanaic414

    Irv Da Phenom-Power Level Mixtape

    IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Irv Da PHENOM! - Power Level // Free Mixtape @
  12. pyromanaic414


    aka Zeroh G7 aka blaqbird This is a compilation of songs from all his mixtapes A Beginner's Guide to Zeroh Heres his bandcamp with 2 tapes for free zeroh The rest of his tapes are here [awfulalterations, Elliot Blaqbird, More Throwaways...]
  13. pyromanaic414

    Bukshot-Helter Skelter [Ft. Krizz & Stevie]

    Produced by Michael "Seven" Summers, Oliver Stoned, The Dead Beatz, AK, & Saer of KSD Beats. Not to be confused with Buckshot from Duck Down Bukshot - Helter Skelter // Free Mixtape @
  14. pyromanaic414

    Nintendo 3DS XL on sale at Target

    Target has 3DS XLs on sale for $160 including the new Pikachu Limited Edition version (this is sold out damn near everywhere already). Walmart and most other stores will do price matching (bring the flyer from the sunday paper with you) They also have playstation all star battle royale on...
  15. pyromanaic414

    Tech N9ne shot on Entourage!!!!

    i herd he was HBO and get shot.
  16. pyromanaic414

    is this...

    worth this much...even without the insert?
  17. pyromanaic414

    the d.o.c.

    i am bored. this forum is dead. i dunno if anybody ever noticed this, but the 1st verse should sound somewhat familiar The D.O.C.-Its Funky Enough
  18. pyromanaic414


    anybody ever listen to Vehemence-God Was Created? its some dope melodic death metal and the whole album is a story. heres a link to the album reviews? comments?
  19. pyromanaic414

    New Strange Features

    03-monday-phantom_ft._prozak.mp3 04-monday-up_in_smoke_ft._scatterman_and_snug_brim.mp3 05-monday-fallen_ft._prozak.mp3 13-monday-sideshow_ft._tech_n9ne.mp3 14-monday-paranoid_ft._krizz_kaliko.mp3 from some guy named Monday. tracks are on my blog. EDIT: 15-monday-keep_running_-_skit.mp3 ft...
  20. pyromanaic414


    if u wanna check em out, my blog has an almost complete discography, its just missing 1 remix album. they made some dope ass music.