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    Question I've always had, but nobody could ever answer....

    on Pizzo's Heaterman album, in the intro there's a song playing in the background which sounds just like Pizzo rapping over the Marvaless' "Stompin In My Steel Toes" beat. Did this song ever appear anywhere? I kept expecting it to be a track found later on the album, but it wasn't there...
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    ATTN: Siccness Reps...question

    will we ever see Mercy Volume 1 released? just an honest question. I'm not asking for specific details. I just wanna know if it will ever see the light of day. This will be my last time asking as I find myself visiting the site less and less... I mean, we went from Lynch, C-Lim, cats...
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    Contraband's new album

    did I miss somethin? How come nobody is talkin about this? And what's the deal with no Cricet or is he on some of the beats?
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    Spots to your windows tinted????

    I'm in Anaheim...can anyone recommend a reputable spot I can go get my windows tinted? I'm not tryin to pay an arm and a leg either...In L.A. seemed like it would cost me around $170...first place I called here was talkin about $350 (it was a dealership), and that's way too high. holla..any...
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    just moved to the OC

    where are some dope spots in OC y'all...I just moved to Anaheim. Where are some cool barber shops, music shops and gear spots. I'm sick of hittin the malls for everything..are there independent shops that aren't skate shops here?
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    Does King Freako have any unreleased material comin out? Or anythign ever droppin again?? Some features or somethin...I can't get enough of his shit. I'd even read a poetry book by this nigga...he was on a Pac path (I feel him a lot more than Pac tho.)
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    Who's bumpin that Hood Mob???

    haven't heard shit about it...
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    Still Waitin on that Hood Mob

    what's the word???? please tell me we wont have to wait til next year for this to drop
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    Free Roots Show!

    if anyone is in the L.A. area, there's one on UCLA's campus toniGht at 8...sorry for the last minute notice.
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    Anyone have Gold/Platinum teeth???

    what's the most efficient/best way to clean them?
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    Hound Foundation?

    anyone know where I can find a copy?
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    Drum N Bass??

    anyone listen to it...i'm a biG fan of LTJ Bukem...drop some other cats who you listen to PS: I am not a fan of dieselboy, i like slower paced shit
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    BanG Em Smurf Gets BanGed?

    The AP is reporting that aspiring rapper “Bang Em Smurf” aka Daniel Calliste was attacked and sexually assaulted in prison by another inmate Monday February 1, 2005. Castille is in Sing Sing, in New York. Castille’s attorney was unavailable for comment and the State Bureau of prison spokesman...
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    Anyone smoke ciGars???

    can y'all recommend some Good brands or a way to shop for Good ones?? I'm in the L.A. area, so if you can tell me a coo spot to pikk some up, I'd appreciate it
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    what's happenin in Haiti or Liberia???

    anybody know off the top??? or know any links to Good journalism? thanks
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    Diamonique (sp?) ft. Xzibit???

    my homey heard this on a radio station in LA and said it was hittin... anyone know who this is or what the sonG called?
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    have you heard this?

    Get Some Grind - T-Rokk, BohaGon, Kemo shit is bumpin
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    I Feel Like DyinG

    for the first time in my life i actually went to sleep not carinG if i woke up the next morninG...and i woke up feelin real scared...and all of this is because of the love of my life. The Girl that was meant to be my wife is leavin with my heart. basically i still had contact with one of my...
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    man this Guy is's kinda interestinG and it Gave me a few chukkles here and there..chekk it out
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    Personal ThouGht on StronG Arm Steady

    y'all (Mitch) should fukk with Murs...I think he would sound real tiGht on some shit with y'all, he can rap on some street shit, dont think he's soft cuz he did a deal with Def Jux anyone else aGree? or have thouGhts?