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    VladTV interviews E-40

    Dope interview I thought. He addresses the so-called beef with Mac Dre about 1hr into the interview. Cool for those who didn’t know the whole E-40 story.
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    Curren$y and Harry Fraud - The OutRunners

    Dope project.
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    A-Wax - Unapologetic (Video)

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    New A-Wax Interview

    Talks new albums, Joe Blow beef, CML and Philthy Rich making music together...
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    Slaughterhouse - The Hip Hop Saviours

    Anyone on here has heard this and can tell me if these are real Slaughterhouse songs? Can’t find it anywhere to listen online. Slaughterhouse - Motown Slaughterhouse - The Beat Goes On Slaughterhouse - A Big Deal Slaughterhouse - D.o.a Slaughterhouse - Gettin Money Slaughterhouse Feat...
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    A-Wax feat. Akon - Natural Born Hustla

    Whose song was it originally? There’s a version with Cyssero floating around and then there’s also a sped up mix with same vocals from Akon but another random rapper.
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    A-Wax Junior High to the Pen Vol. 1-2 CDs

    Anyone on here got these on CD (not the DJ Warrior mixtape) and can check if they’re CD-R or factory pressed?
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    A-Wax: Demonz N My Bleep, Pullin’ More Stringz, Allegedly hard copies coming soon

    Via the Pie-Rx online store:
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    New B-Real & Berner album Los Meros

    Their new album “Los Meros” is pretty good. Anyone else feeling it?
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    Ikey - Akata (Music Video)

    Something different. So dope.
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    New Kausion album - Youth-Anasia out on 02/04

    Not sure if this is with the same group members as the original record that came out on Ice Cube’s label? Artwork and tracklist plus features Music video for “2Pac’s Not Dead” sort of a response to G Malone’s “2Pac Must Die”
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    Kuzzo Fly a Luniz member now?

    Note the multi platinum group hashtag like he had something to do with it :LOL:
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    E-40 interview with KXNG Crooked (Crook’s Corner)

    Dope interview. Thought I’d post it on here in case you want to check it out:
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    New A-Wax album Demonz N My Bleep drops 12/10

    Anyone on here got info? That’s 3 singles he’s released now and he teased another I think Demonz N My Bleep, maybe that’s a Woodie tribute? Thx
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    Question about A-Wax Everlasting Money album

    Any of you has the CD? I got a brand new copy just recently and every single track skips every 20-30 secs. Any of you has the same problem? CD has no scratch and came factory sealed so I can only assume it is a faulty copy and I need to get myself another copy. Just want to make sure it’s not...