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  1. Chapo Guzman v2

    2nd Chance Scratchers/Lottery

    Has anyone ever actually won anything? I feel like it's all bullshit
  2. Chapo Guzman v2

    Suddenly getting sleepy while driving in traffic

    Anybody get this shit? I commute about 70 miles daily and that 5 o'clock traffic kills me to the point keeping my eyes open. I sympathize with truckers, except with their added trouble of having to deal with stupid drivers who cut them off and expect them to be able to brake to a halt instantly.
  3. Chapo Guzman v2

    Further Evidence: California Is Run By Retards

    California lawmakers approve fuel tax hike for $52 billion road plan California lawmakers on Thursday approved legislation to increase gasoline taxes and other transportation-related fees for the first time in decades, to fund an ambitious $52 billion plan to repair the state's sagging...
  4. Chapo Guzman v2

    Your 2017 NCAA Champs, UNC.

    I called it before the tournament started. I should have placed bets. My bracket was also almost blemish free except for like 3 games. Something to be said about the underdogs.
  5. Chapo Guzman v2

    New "IT" Trailer

  6. Chapo Guzman v2

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Websites that have articles with slideshows (e.g. Top 10 Tacos Ever) need to die! Just post a list. Damn clickbait. >:(
  7. Chapo Guzman v2

    For the record.... not a sucker punch!

  8. Chapo Guzman v2

    This place is almost a ghost town

    It's good to see a few of you are still on here but I remember when folks like Colombo, Lady Tragik, Baysic Clothing, and a grip others I'm forgetting used to post on here. I actually learned a thing or two on here too. Discuss650 > Chapo Guzman > Chapo Guzman V2 I also remember when JT The...