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  1. Law

    Pittsburgh Philthy and J Stalin in lawerence this Saturday

    Club magic .. Anyone going
  2. Law

    Anyone use the iPhone app for the siccness?

    Just curious if its any good
  3. Law

    Happy birthday Pittsburgh Philthy

    Happy birthday to my bro Pittsburgh ! Go get that outta the snake pit on iTunes And messy Marv presents Pittsburgh Philthy 'pittbull vicious' on iTunes as well
  4. Law

    2012 year end

    What's the best Midwest CDs, mix tapes that dropped in 2012
  5. Law

    watch the throne tour sprint center kcmo

    roll call .. whos going?
  6. Law

    J.Cin Compton

    Someone send me a current email or phone number.. [email protected] Thank you., Law
  7. Law

    fat tone mixtapes

    i lost all my fat tone cds and want some of his music, nothing on itunes, amazon, or datpiff.. someone hit me up i got cash for mp3's....or albums....
  8. Law

    hotels near the united center in chicago..

    We are heading out to Chicago for the I am Still music tour april 1st and was looking for some advice on hotels near the united center and some things to do for the weekend.. Anybody got suggestions let me know..
  9. Law

    Nightmare from Elm St V.3

    Anyone see it on itunes yet? i checked there and amazon..
  10. Law

    stories from the road...

    Post up some cool, funny stories from the road... some shit that happend in the studio, at a concert, while you were out selling cds... anything.. just bring some insight on the board... i got a lot of fun storys with Pittsbugh Philthy, TuT-C, Tech N9ne, The Popper, etc... after concerts, on...
  11. Law

    Concert this sunday at Jones Pool...

    go check it out, starts at 8... Thizzle.. J. Diggs.. Rich the Factor..
  12. Law

    two KC mixtapes from B Double E ...

    i came across a website with two free mixtapes to download... he goes by the name B Double E .. check them out...
  13. Law

    Best Kansas City mixtape of all time...

    what do you think is the best mixtape out of kc.../ and is the mixtape dead ??? or on life support...
  14. Law

    lot of new music out and i love it

    thanks for everyone who is posting up songs and albums, i have a downloaded quite a few and i will be checking them all out this week, im glad to see the board active and i hope everyone is taking the time to check this shit out... its good for all of us.... just remeber not to post up a whiole...
  15. Law

    get songs off zune?

    is there any way that is somewhat easy to remove the songs that are on a zune to my computer? the google sent me to zunehacks and i have had no success with that...
  16. Law

    things to do in oklahoma city

    I'm driving down to check out a Thunder game.. What's to do around the ford center..
  17. Law

    Vote for Kansas City's best song.

    here it is
  18. Law

    nominate your favorite song of kansas city all time...

    nominate your favorite song from the kansas city area, once we get a good amount of submissions we will make the top ten or top five songs from kansas city of all time! and other regions in the midwest please take charge and post up too! im just more in tune with kc!
  19. Law

    A-Wax - Nightmare mixtape?

    i saw an album cover with the freddy glove on it.... is it out? i didnt see it on urban tunes....
  20. Law

    ebay auctions Horror DVDs X Box 360 football jerseys

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