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    I just got my copy of my potna PLAYA RAES "Industry Hijack" mixtape & all i got to say is good job pimp. you did the damn thing. Everyone else is highly recommended to get this. Shit for five dollas it should be a no brainer. I hate mixtapes usually, but my boy did no slackin on this one...
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    Needed: Phatty Girls 2

    On DVD, if you got this hit me up @ [email protected]
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    How are these??

    Street Military-Dont Give a Dame Steel Gangstas The Half Dead Organization Pharoah-Six Foot Giant Bam-Rough Zaggin Bible
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    on FriscoStreetShow...

    In the Hard to Find Section, which of these are deff. pick ups?? Lil Jazz-Game 4 U Suckas Lil Fly-Bonafied Playa Kollision-High Performance Game Related-Soak Game Fast1-Down 4 the Game Down-n-Dirty Hustlas-Unforgiven The Dangla-Straight Max'n Cool E-Welcome to Hell C-Funk-Im out 2 Stoages The...
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    New Thizz Releases

    Can someone please post the tracklisting & features on these: Mac Dre presents Little Bruce Treat TV Soundtrack THANKS.
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    NEEDED: The Source...Too $hort cover

    If you have this in good to mint condition, hit me @ [email protected]
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    Anyone got hook-up prices on these? hit me @ [email protected]
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    so...triton or mpc???

    Man, i never get the most straight forward anwer. theres always debates that go both ways. But spending 3,000 & up you wanna get the best for your dough right? can someone break down the actual benefits of each? what model to buy (no worry of cost)? Most user friendly? i see a lot of praise go...
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    Uncle Paulie!

    Sup Rae? Man i been missin all them IM's. For a while there my phone wasnt workin so im not sure if you were tryin to call. Dont trip its workin now & i have the same #. D
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    Lil Flip-My Last Underground

    i seen this the other day at the store, anyone heard it? The tracklist has every song as a "freestyle"
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    That New Hi-C

    Anyone pick it up?? If so, how is it?
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    Needed: Nickatina Unrelease #2

    Hit me on the e-mail with a price. [email protected]
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    i agree its not good music jesse. and who is highly anticipating this? dude acts like its Twistas new shit or something REALLY anticipated.
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    Mac Dre & Little Bruce CD's

    Do they finally come out tuesday??
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    That new Sleepdank

    Did it come out? Has anyone got it? How is it?
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    Keak Da Sneak: Unda Doggs 2

    this was never released right?
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    Needed:Lil Ric "Deep n the Game"

    Hit me on the e-mail with prices: [email protected]
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    Needed: Marv/Mitch & Lemay

    Hit me on the e-mail with prices. [email protected]
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    How are these CD's?

    Creeper-The Creeper Dee Mack-Doin it my Way Funk Daddy-Funk you Right on Up Lil Fly-Bonafied Playa T-Lo-Hustlin fo Life
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    Needed: Gangsta Dre "Gang Bangin Poetry"

    either version. hit me on the e-mail with prices. [email protected]