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    so im going to vegas next week

    anyone know of any concerts or anything going on out there next week....i know there is going to be bad bitches spring break..
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    hard drive question

    how can i get the data off my old seagate hardrive.....or at least hook it up to my computer...
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    who has use oovoo here over a metro phone

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    how many of yall work 2 jobs here......

    damn this shit is a at hooters and at chilis......this shit takes a toll on me...anyone else work 2 jobs.......
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    favorite android apps...

    my top 3 would probably be 1.pandora 2.tune in radio 3.g mob365... anyone wanna add
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    vegas on spring break

    has anyone been to vegas on spring break....if so is it crackin or does everyone just go to lake mead
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    what simple workouts do u do at home...

    ive been jumproping for about 30mins a day......does anyone else do something simple.....
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    going to vegas next weekend for my b-day......

    thinking about just gambling..maybe the club once or twice....everyone thinks my soberness will end next friday
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    vacation for my kids.....

    im trying to figure out a good vacation to take 2 3 yr olds and a 2 yr old in the spring time....something not to expensive....i was thinking sea world or disneyland.....
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    55 days sober.......

    damn it feels good
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    has anyone stayed at the excalibur in vegas

    im going to vegas on the 27-30th of this month...and i seen some good prices on excalibur....anyone stayed there before if so wut would u rate it
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    i gave up drinking

    well last monday i went to the doctors from back yall know im a big drinker.....well to find out my liver was swollen im only 24...ive been drinking for 6 yrs..every single day.....spending about 500 a month on alcohol..i was bad to the point where i was blacking out.....i have been...
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    thanksgiving pics

    post them
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    what is on everyones menu for thanksgiving

    this is the first yr in a while i can throw down for pops likes the basics but im off wednesday...and i tell him let me throwdown with my skills....i just have no idea wut the fuck im going to do
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    gaming pc...

    i know little here and there about pcs..but im thinking about getting one built.....could anyone give me some info about wut i should get or buy..
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    what is the best sports or casino betting website

    any suggesstions or any experiance with any of these....and how is the payout
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    im going on a 4 day cruise in a couple of weeks

    and im wondering how much money should i take...its going to be me and my girl......going to ensenada mexico
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    i met tito ortiz

    at the job at hooters in bakersfield but what the fuck jenna jameson was there to but before i could meet her she was already outside of hooters............and she looked way better than she did in her recent pictures.........btw tito was one coo mutha fucka..anyone else met this cat
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    computer help...

    so just earlier today my computer shut when i try to turn it shuts off right away...and u can see the fans kick on for a slight second to...i google and couldnt really find anything useful...and the lights still stay on inside of my computer to
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    i finally booked my 3 day cruise to ensenada

    on the carnival paradise for me and my much money should i take to girl is not a big drinker...i of course do..but made a simple promise to my girl i wouldnt go over the much would i need to take in all...i plan on going to the la bufadora and everything