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  1. Cold187

    Shlumpulicious - opinions?

    eight years after his first appereance on the classic "All Ove da Place" on the Instrumania Level A album, First Degree the D.E. finally dedicates a whole album on his most darkest of selfs, Shlumpilicious the Jester. Forming an opinion on this was not easy, and it took some effort to really...
  2. Cold187

    Lynch live

    was new to me, so check this out oQD7_v80QSs edit:
  3. Cold187

    The Unforgiven Vol. 2: Assisted Suicide - record sales?

    Does anyone have some numbers on how many units X sold with his last album? Since no one else in the game deserves and needs the money more & I know lotta folks on here pledged not to download but buy his album, Im just wondering if the record sales are as good as he hoped for?
  4. Cold187

    favorite songs

    what are yall top 3 songs from these sac artists? X-Raided: - Who Is Yall Niggas - Incarcerated (Re-Mix on Deadly Game album) - Grandparents G-Macc: - Cycosis - Alone on the Roof Part 1 (ft. No Love) - On the Down Low (ft. Tre-8) C-Bo: - Free Style - Straight Killer - 357 Lynch: changes...
  5. Cold187

    Calico 101 & Young Phate

    What's up with these two? They still in contact with madesicc? Last I heard Calico was on that "Sticky Sweets" track off the Fixxx album. What's up with the songs he recorded for his album that never dropped? Also, Young Phate always came heated, that "Skat'n" track with Beta and P-Folks gotta...
  6. Cold187

    Dubb Sak

    What's up with him, he still rappin? His verses on the Lil Pigg Penn album and on "I Was Taught" cant be fucked with. The album "Bad to the Bone" is simply good sac rap, too.
  7. Cold187

    New Tall Cann G Songs on

    check em out, they are in the audio section as usually.
  8. Cold187

    Doomstaz back on!!??!

    sup Playboy 7, the evildooinz board is running real good again & we really want you & Eklypps back postin there! We all remember them tight ass contests.
  9. Cold187

    B-Dub of C.I.N. Presents World War 1 Mixtape

    anyone listening to this shit? it's hella tight! good to see C.I.N. back doin things. what's gon be next from them? favorite tracks gotta be "We Command You", "Hotel" and that "they Wont Come" is fire!!!
  10. Cold187

    bout Dre?

    @Hogglife or anyone who can answer this: what makes him stay away from the studio?
  11. Cold187

    Singing on "Deuce-5 to Life" & "I Ain't Dead Yet"?

    yo who is singing on those 2 tracks cause he's tight as fuck?
  12. Cold187

    'bout Gino?

    sup ya'll just wondering if Gino is still doin his thang wit 40 Once Records? imo every track he's been on is a classic no doubt! any info would be coo
  13. Cold187

    when is a new Gangsta Dre album droppn?

    any info on that?
  14. Cold187


    I just recently got that album an i gotta say big propz to loki that album is consistent tight Loki brings a flavor to Siccmade's music i dont wanna miss Flow and lyrics were on point on that album My favorite cuts are: - High Life (wit an incredible D-Dubb) - Cuz I Said So - None To Die...