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    denver rappers?

    ak love
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    Whats RICH DA FACTOR been up to?

    LOL i been listening to tech n9ne for years and no he aint on richs level.
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    Coming soon: T-Rock & C-Mob album...

    this will be a classic cant wait
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    Whats RICH DA FACTOR been up to?

    rich the best out of kcmo IMO. his old shit is too real
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    real clean cover
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    colorado artists

    EDJ: did u realease your cd?
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    TRAE The Truth Official Thread

    best mixtape of the year? were only 15 days into 2007 LOL.
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    Lime Green-Quarta Ounce

    the covers are cheap print outs from a regular printer. and the shit is a cdr. its a tight cd but not worth 20 for a cdr!!!!!!
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    Where should I start w/ Midwest Rap?

    Rich the Factor
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    St.Louis in the top 3 again

    can you really buy a house in st. louis for 10-15 grand? i saw that shit on
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    Komain news... DVD preview

    komain you should do a track with c-mob. itd be straight fire.
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    Midwest taking over ??

    street life cartel = real good
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    Who the tightest???

    Rich The Factor not only the best in kc one of the best out period!
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    this is the hottest midwest artist period!!!!!!

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL @ "hottest midwest artist period"
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    Low End - The Stash

    3 used cds for 30 is a bargain?
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    Major Factor Records Concert 7/17

    damn if i was even remotely close to that area id be at that shit. rich the factor is the shit.
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    tone or rich

    rich the factor by far
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    CD Turntables

    damn these just came out but there $1200 each. im a start saving like a mothafucker to get em.
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    Best Rich the Factor album?

    N.Ill-State just get any of his old cds you wont be dissapointed.