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    Manning will be a Bronco

    You heard it here first.
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    Homeland...anyone watching this show

    What are your thoughts? I didn't anticipate watching it, but i caught the first episode and have been eagerly awaiting each new show. Didn't see an existing i apologize if there is one.
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    Master P's Impala on Ebay
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    cd values - help me out guys

    looking to post up some cds on ebay but really am not up on current values. I know shit is way down since back in the day. What do the following cds go for? I have tons more but i'll probably start with these should i decide to liquidate. all mint, all OGs Young D Boyz - Straight Game...
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    Dexter bitches!!

    The last season ended with the craziest season ending ever! New season starts Sunday!
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    5'1" Female Japanese baseball player signed to Minor League team
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    Movies you hated that everyone else seems to love...

    I'm gonna start it off. I'll get ripped for this one cause it seems to be a huge fav for alot of people. Fight Club I just thought it was stupid.
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    Shanahan FIRED!

    maybe the Raiders can have him back
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    Carmelo Anthony 33 pts in a qtr

    ties NBA record held by George Gervin
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    Carmelo Anthony to the Nets??

    NETS HAVE EYE ON ANTHONY By FRED KERBER Carmelo Anthony May 20, 2008 -- The NetsNew Jersey Nets want to do something, they need to do something and they will do something. The million dollar question is, What? They should start getting a better handle on matters after tonight's lottery...
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    Factory sealed/Hole in UPC? WTF? How the hell is something factory sealed with a hole through the UPC code?
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    This is fucking rediculous!!!!!

    WTF???? Just asking for MRSA!
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    need help identifying song....chorus in thread

    Anyone know this track/group/album? Sounds like it is midwest, but not sure. I think it is about 4-7 years old. Here's the chorus: Y'all ain't know we're out to get money Mo dough, cuz life ain't funny Going postal if you try to take it from me I'm loco, I need a meal in my tummy
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    More on the Joey Porter/Levi Jones incident

    Jones’ mean streak serves as the perfect foil for Porter’s outlandish ego. Since he established himself in his second season in 2003, the 300-pound Jones pretty much contained the 250-pound Porter in those steel cage matches with Pittsburgh. Part of the reason critics ripped the Dolphins'...
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    mac dre-fire question

    who did that old school song 'fire' that the chorus is similar to?
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    Predicting the stock market?

    So does this mathmatical formula work in predicting market up and downturns almost to the day? Interesting read. Also, google the author......why has this guy been incarcerated for 7 years, but not convicted of anything. What...
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    Daniel Graham signs with Broncos!

    Back home where he belongs! :classic:
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    Plummer to Tampa Bay

    for a draft pick
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    ESPN fires Michael Irvin I am not sure how most people feel, but I for one don't understand how he lasted as long as he did.
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    Damn Chiefs stole my Fav Broncos coach!!!! Might not seem like much, but this guy is a class act! I coach his son in football. Sucks to see him go!