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  1. Nuttkase

    RIP Prodigy of Mobb Deep The Infamous will forever be one of my favorite albums of all time.
  2. Nuttkase

    Should we nuke Canada?

    Vote now and discuss below.
  3. Nuttkase

    420 Blaze It Grandma

  4. Nuttkase

    Nuns are stupid

  5. Nuttkase

    Should Tony Stewart be banned?

    Sound off in the comment section below!
  6. Nuttkase

    Hey what's up? Ketchup, mustard.

    bO6d8-s_p6k She is definitely not a coward.
  7. Nuttkase

    Maple Syrup Rambo rampage

    Moncton shooting: 3 RCMP officers dead, 2 wounded - New Brunswick - CBC News Canada trying to copy us with false flags now smh
  8. Nuttkase

    Aww Hell Naw! Part III

  9. Nuttkase

    Full length documentaries on youtube.

    I watch a lot of documentaries on youtube, I think quite a few of us do, so what are some good ones you guys like that are on their in their entirety? Preferably not in parts but if so just embed the first one and link the rest. Here are a few of mine to start.. EPgmqdEnfMQ Follows the take...
  10. Nuttkase


    uCj99LB0hPs eAprW14F-8k I didn't put a poll because I'm not Mixerr. Both videos are highly cringe worthy. Dennis seems blitzed out of his mind and his crew looks shook as fuck. Two weeks until Kim gets bored and kills them all. Sound off with your guesses below!
  11. Nuttkase

    Gemini I think one

    of your kids just joined the boards.
  12. Nuttkase

    Group donation to the Marfan Foundation in Southern Comfort's name.

    So a few of us have been talking and we think it would be great to make a group donation to the Marfan Foundation in Southern Comfort's memory. He had talked about it on here from time to time but some of you might not have known that SoCo was born with Marfan Syndrome which you can read more...
  13. Nuttkase

    Shoplifting with a fetus (not a Brotha Lynch Hung song)
  14. Nuttkase

    Maxo Kream & Kream Clicc

    Dude is from Houston and dropped this yesterday and it's really fucking dope in my opinion. Might be a top 10 rap album for me this year but I got to give it some more spins. Maxo Kream - Quicc Strikes Maxo Kream - Quicc Strikes - NoDJ fnAoLbG9JJY
  15. Nuttkase

    George Zimmerman's Wife on 911 Tape: 'I Am Really, Really Scared'

    George Zimmerman's Wife on 911 Tape: 'I Am Really, Really Scared' - ABC News "I don't know what he's capable of. I am really, really scared," she told the dispatcher. She doesn't know what he's capable of? More like she does know what he's capable of.. and that's why she's really, really scared.
  16. Nuttkase

    Tokyo Tower Gigapixel Panorama (150-gigapixel image from the top of the Tokyo Tower)

    This is really dope. Tokyo Tower Gigapixel Panorama Just spent the last 20 minutes zooming all over the place lol.
  17. Nuttkase

    Who would win in a fight to the death?

    A) vs B) Please place your vote and sound off in the comments below!
  18. Nuttkase

    Man kills wife, posts picture of dead body on Facebook (pic inside)

    Derek Medina Shot His Wife in South Miami, Posts Pictures and Confession on Facebook - Miami - News - Riptide 2.0 Welp.
  19. Nuttkase

    Bishop Nehru

    Yeah I've listened to the kid for a minute now. I like his music and being a youngster he's only going to improve even more. In my opinion he does what Joey Badass and them are trying to do with the retro mid 90s NYC sound but with him it sounds natural and with them in my opinion it sounds...
  20. Nuttkase

    I had to find other stuff to do for the past 57 hours.

    Fuck you.