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  1. 28g w/o the bag

    San Jose Rap Scene

    whatever happened to jaz? his first album is probably the best album to ever come out of san jose ::
  2. 28g w/o the bag

    oh shit i remembered my password

    [email protected] DJ pimp... this forum had some straight characters ::
  3. 28g w/o the bag

    Trump has purposefully proved himself an idiot and now people excuse him for anything he does.

    there goes your tax money. and from this point forward, I'm not trying to hear shit about gun control when the same people talking about it gave access to all our good shit to the tallywackers. ::
  4. 28g w/o the bag

    Siccness still around?!?

    oh coy! ::
  5. 28g w/o the bag

    Trump (all political posts go here)

    whatever happened to hydroxychloroquine ::
  6. 28g w/o the bag

    Trump (all political posts go here)

    vitamin c, d and zinc is all I'm taking ::
  7. 28g w/o the bag

    Trump (all political posts go here)

    fucc that vaccine ::
  8. 28g w/o the bag

    Trump (all political posts go here)

    I'd rather a president not do shit than to not have the 2 clowns currently in office do something. ::
  9. 28g w/o the bag

    The Next Biggest Bay Area Gangsta Movie/Documentary about the realest dude to ever hit the streets! More gangsta than jesus or 2pac

    I wonder what MC eiht's assessment of brazie loco's auto fellatio videos would be ::
  10. 28g w/o the bag


    'cho ass up ::
  11. 28g w/o the bag


    :( ::
  12. 28g w/o the bag


    princess bavio still hasn't gotten a debit card? ::
  13. 28g w/o the bag

    "Who Killed Mac Dre?"

    so what do y'all think about JT claiming that diggs had something to do with all this? ::
  14. 28g w/o the bag


    funny how newsom got attacked by a homeless person a few days ago ::
  15. 28g w/o the bag

    Merkules and Bone Thugs new song Homicide! sounds like Mo murda east 99

    That benzino diss song dude put out was funny ::
  16. 28g w/o the bag

    Epstein Pedo Ring Will Not be Exposed (Hit Out on Him Already)

    Im glad i started using mac os 19 years ago ::
  17. 28g w/o the bag


    Damn i wish i looked deeper into this shit back when this thread was originally posted ::
  18. 28g w/o the bag

    Anyone f%ck wit

    One time fee ::
  19. 28g w/o the bag

    Anyone f%ck wit

    They opened up a new website Its a monthly subscription site now though ::