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  1. noWetaG

    Who got sum gangsta shit?

    No filter. No bullshit. No Buddhist. The essence of this website. West coast gangsta history. Think it's only right L leave: ice-t - 6 in the morning
  2. noWetaG

    Crooked I aka Kxng Crooked - Good vs Evil

    Album of the year. That is all. :siccness:
  3. noWetaG

    Have to have psn+ to play online?

    Please tell me it aint so. Did Sony go the route of Microsoft and start charging? I just got black ops 3 and was told I need psn+ to play online?
  4. noWetaG

    I like gangsta shit...

    Like. A 64 rag. With the 5th wheel Dayton and the bumper on drag." God damn you muthafuckas are weenies.
  5. noWetaG

    Been a while I know.....

    just checking in with everyone who remembers me, sayin sshapp. Been going through alot of changes past few years, good and bad. Hope everyones been well and blessed.
  6. noWetaG

    Haaaaa, after all these years......

    I recently started playing Final Fantasy 7 again, cuz i never got 2 finish it bac in the day (came out in 1997).... im about to enter the arctic region (1 of the final phases of the game) and BAM! I hear the music used for the intro of SICXs' IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK!! not even sampled, just...
  7. noWetaG

    Strange Days tour n VEGAS last night........

    KRIZZ, TECH & LYNCH all ripped it..... nice show yall!
  8. noWetaG

    Fan suggestions/reccomendations for DINNER & A MOVIE

    OK yall..... i know MADESICC artist participation is almost nonexistant these days, but trust me they DO still read this forum... so to actually get sum convo going bout what yall would like to see on LYNCHs next highly anticipated album i thought i would start this thread..... ill come bac...
  9. noWetaG

    Spring cleaning & a warning 2 spammers

    i erased hella threads of yall promoting your music in here...... half the dam page was this shit.... MASTERMIND E-LOW, VECT & NAZARETH (and every1 else who decides to do this): i will ban whoever continues this behavior...... this forum is the reason this site is here and its a shame to see...
  10. noWetaG

    I need help setting up an online store

    I just got hired to do a website for a clothing store..... they want to also be able to sell all products online... only ive never set up a merchant account, secured site for credit cards.... PAY PAL is not an option...i need the real thing... can yall reference me to sum sites that would help...
  11. noWetaG

    Mechanics and Car Fanatics: Overdrive

    I have 4-5 conflicting stories on this shit: sum say its supposed to say OD OFF unless u are going uphill..... sum say its NOT to say OD OFF unless u are going uphill.... so which is it?
  12. noWetaG

    JAY-Z & DAME DASH reconcile?

    I happened to look @ and on the news updates put up today, it has news on BEANIE SIGEL with a new song "WHAT THEY GONNA SAY 2 ME"...... if u look at the info posted on that song page it has a link under it..... im not really able to keep up with alot of...
  13. noWetaG

    Grand Canyon Coaches brochure redesign

    Front/Bac cover Inside OLD design Front/Bac cover Inside
  14. noWetaG

    New design

    well....the design i did in 2004 was supposed to be temporary; just put up to make sure i had SUMMN up while im doing print work and web sites for everybody else....... problem is, that design never changed.....i never liked it....... ive started slicing this design up with some rollovers for...
  15. noWetaG

    Grand Canyon Helicopters brochure

    Front/Bac: Inside:
  16. noWetaG

    Google 3D model plugin for Photoshop CS3.......

    was introduced when i attended the Adobe CS3 conference in LA..... any1 else been playing with this shit? i been fukin with it, the 3D & animation shit built into PS EXTENDED is niiiiiiiiice........ heres a link for the not-knows...
  17. noWetaG

    Convert 4-color InDesign CS3 layout to Greyscale......

    but all i see are RGB and CMYK profiles when i try "Convert To Profile" option.... I just did this a couple weeks ago for another project, but dont remember how, Ive searcherd extensively thru ID's help files.....any1 got a clue? Im not trying to import into PHOTOSHOP, rasterize it and save it...
  18. noWetaG

    I want a YOUNG MOE CD out on PBE!

    that is all.
  19. noWetaG

    Best Tours ad

    version is before the final typsetting was done
  20. noWetaG

    Grand Canyon Coaches brochure

    3 panel (on each side) brochure, 1/8" in bleed Front panels Inside panels