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  1. Unknownn


    Whoever sees this BEFORE 7:00am and is down, still awake, or will be awake in time... please sign up -- We need a dew more SICC heads to join and make the league more entertaining with the shit talk.. here is the INVITE LINK Join League | Fantasy Football | Yahoo Sports
  2. Unknownn

    Siccness Fantasy Baseball 2016

    Whose down..Send your Yahoo ID OR I'll invite the same folks from last season. I'm here defending my title. Any suggestions or changes? Im up for something a little different this season
  3. Unknownn

    LA Rams and Los Angeles SuperChargers

    So, the Chargers have not accepted yet? The bid? The offer, I believe, was Rams + Chargers. What's the hold up? It's already done. LA Rams LA Chargers. Great for the NFL, Great for the city to have an AFC and NFC team. Facility will hold NFL Draft and NFL Combine as well as future...
  4. Unknownn

    Yelawolf - Love Story

    Here's the full album on YouTube
  5. Unknownn

    Siccness Fantasy Baseball

    If interested, please post your Yahoo ID. I will send an invite and include the past history from our other Siccness Leagues
  6. Unknownn

    2015 Upcoming Release Dates

    2014 December 31, 2014: Nipsey Hussle – Mailbox Money (Album) 2015 January 6, 2015: Rae Sremmurd – SremmLife (Album) January 18, 2015: The Game – The Documentary 2 (Album) January 19, 2015: K Camp – One Way (Mixtape) January 20, 2015: Joey Bada$$ – B4.Da.$$ (Album) Lupe Fiasco – Tetsuo &...
  7. Unknownn

    What BLH track is this from?

    This has been buggin me, I can't remember what track this is from. Anyone? "Take em and make em forget about you and hate you until they're old enough to relate, I'm just off of this grape juice"
  8. Unknownn

    What happened to my HOMELAND thread?

    I cant find it. The last 2-3 episodes have saved the show IMO. Without Brody, I was thinking this season was completely doomed. But, Quinn and the new director of the CIA have turned out to be very compelling. Saul Berensen was always my favorite character along with Quinn. **SPOILER** Isn't...
  9. Unknownn

    Big Krit Official Thread

    Just last week I had to ball on em
  10. Unknownn

    HBO: The Leftovers

    @infinity Im thinkin maybe he wished to have his family back. Because at the end Tommy, his wife Laurie, and his daughter are all coming back together. Justa guess though.. Also, one thing that really bothered me with the finale- Didnt Holy Wayne hug Nora Durst? She said in that letter that she...
  11. Unknownn

    Official 2014 Post Your Fantasy Team Thread

    @Pansas Mason Crosby is my favorite Kicker
  12. Unknownn

    HBO : HARD KNOCKS Atlanta Falcons

    Anybody have the link to Ep. 2?
  13. Unknownn

    Fantasy Football 2014

    Who was the Commish? Can you renew the league? I lost and took 2nd place last season to Dutch or FUBU MANE LA FLARE i cant remember... Siccness Football League 2014 please send the invite to all those in last year and send the league ID and pw to new members
  14. Unknownn

    MLB : THE SHOW / Other MLB Games (2014)

    I know that MLB THE SHOW is coming out 4/1/14 for PS4 but is there any MLB game coming out for XBOXONE / XBOX360 this Spring? I cant find anything saying it's being released.
  15. Unknownn

    Siccness Fantasy Baseball 2014

    In Memory of SoCo we must continue the league from years past. Whoever the Commish was, please renew the league and invite the same teams. If we can't find the commish- we can still renew and use League History to get the same players back. RIP SOCO.
  16. Unknownn

    No combine thread?

    Isaiah Burse stock shot thru the roof is what Ive read @SC_408
  17. Unknownn

    The Americans (FX) Season II

    Ep1 of Season 2 aired tonight. I have it recorded and Im going to watch it in a few minutes. I made a thread about this show before, it really gets slept on if I recall. I love it, one of the best first seasons of a show that I can remember. Anyone else peep it tonight?
  18. Unknownn

    NBA2K14 Online Play

    XBOX Gamertag : AlienGoat72 Currently 4-12 online record. Has anyone been playing online? Any problems with lagging? Some of the shot releases seem off a bit and lagging apparently before and after the NextGen patch. If anyone is playing this week- add me to the locker room and lets run a game.
  19. Unknownn

    The Official 2013 NBA Thread

    Three games tonight for Opening Night. Chicago played a few good minutes of defense and that was all she wrote. MIA just went on a 22-9 run and are currently up by 20 points.