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    I'm finally back, breh-goons!

    So what'd I miss? Who's the top cheese in the siccness? Who needs to get verbally destroyed by yours truly? Any new girls I should be hollerin' at? Fill me in. What have I missed out on? What classic threads should I be reading? Is it just me or is the new layout kind of the same but at the...

    2010 Mexie Nomitation Thread!

    Once again the time is upon us! Starting later this month HAD and I will be hosting the annual MEXIE awards. Now, I wasn't as big a presence on the siccness this year as I was last year (I basically was over loaded with work for close to 6 months) so I missed a lot of the funnier shit that...

    The MEXIES '09

    Dearly beloved We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life. Electric word life, it means forever and that's a mighty long time But I'm here to tell you there's something else... the MEXIES! And since this is all based on MY OPINION fuck you if you don't agree! The...

    White people AND Black people coming together....finally!

    vnOyMSEWNTs And HISPANIC PEOPLE TOO! God bless you Red House!

    Troll off!

    CZ1NA7Mgzgw In West Philadelphia...'re next sucka. Prepare to be raped until you love me, faggot. Consider this thread a safe zone. I won't reply again. But every other thread is fair game.

    Happy Birthday to the Colonel

    Did you know Dave Thomas started off by owning a KFC?

    Now I want some BBQ

    LOL at this commercial. Sounding hella like something Ursher woudda done. xz1cee_94L4

    You all should get your girls this

    Kayvee, I'm getting you one for X-Mas. Because you need to tone your arms up. cX1viP3TkVA

    Another MEXCOM poll

    So as every one remembers April was officially dubbed "April Tiddies Month." If you don't remember what April Tiddies were then you was missing out. Anyways, I'm thinking that for the 4th of July we celebrate this nations independence the only way we know how: by sexually subjecting women into...
  10. MEXCOM

    They need to bring this show back

    rBcL4VStpPY It was classic! Adam:"Marijuana cigarettes! Gimme five! (high-fives Snoop) Yeah!" Jimmy: Fool! Don't act like an idiot!
  11. MEXCOM

    The Official "What I learned from Gangsta Rap" Thread

    So what we're going to do is type of what gangsta rap has taught us. And type it in this format Lyrics: "It's all about money, yeah! And I'm gonna get me some, can't be fucking with niggas that ain't got none, cause lately y'all been acting funny, guess you smell some money, get out my pocket...
  12. MEXCOM

    The official get me to 670 props thread

    Since everyone and their momma has had one of these why not me?
  13. MEXCOM

    You dumb fuckers should be banned

    Am I seriously the only one tired of seeing so much FAIL when these tards are trying to embed a youtube video and instead all we see is the HTML code? I swear if it were up to me they would be instantly banned for not being able to do it properly. We've had the function for a while now and...
  14. MEXCOM

    another would you hit this thread...

    well? cause some one on the sicc does
  15. MEXCOM

    fuCK April Fools! This is Siccness Mardi Gras!

    So tomorrow I propose that instead of some gay April's Fools shit we celebrate Mardi Gras. It's not Tuesday and we're not in March...but fuck it. So what we do is basically flood the board with...TIDDIES! Any time someone posts anything Mardi Gras related it is the job of the next possible...
  16. MEXCOM

    Best Mexican food in Athens, Greece?

    A nigga just got to know.
  17. MEXCOM

    The Official Draw a Siccness Member on MS Paint thread

    Time to show off them painting skills people. I'll start.
  18. MEXCOM

    No scraps or bitches like bitchualizer or SevenHoeSav allowed to play this great game

    This quiz is billed as the impossible quiz. Can you beat it?
  19. MEXCOM


    I like that shit in porno. I wish I could fuck Cherokee. The annoying voiced one. Not the black one. EDIT: I called it porno. What am I? 65 years old?
  20. MEXCOM