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  1. martin_07n

    Stalley - Ohio LP

    Anyone listen to this album? I think it is pretty solid all around. Featured artist are minimal on this, so that's good.
  2. martin_07n

    This shit lightweight go

    fiW9qdxlZg0 I wish more rappers would sample old bay beats
  3. martin_07n

    Taco truck/taqueria check-in thread

    make it do what it do
  4. martin_07n

  5. martin_07n

    Back to school

    I'm at school trying to get my classes. I haven't been to school in like 4 years. This shit is intimidating, ain't even gon lie. How many of you are going back to school this semester? :confused:
  6. martin_07n

    Stalley - Lincoln Way Nights

    Saw his video on WSHH and downloaded his album. He's pretty tight
  7. martin_07n

    Webbie Savage Life 3

    What y'all think about the new Webbie album? I'm giving it a second listen. :ermm:
  8. martin_07n

    The Official Taco Truck Check-In thread

    Most of you have smartphones, so next time you go get yo grub on rep yo taco truck/taqueria. Checking in from the Berkeley flea market. Their Gorditas n tacos smack.
  9. martin_07n

    its been a while

    whats haddninnn
  10. martin_07n

    This bitch is retarded She might have a 'nice' pussU though.
  11. martin_07n

    Lil' Boosie - Golden Child 3

    This shit is slappin
  12. martin_07n

    What would be your entrance music to a fight?

    What would be your entrance music to a fight? :siccness:
  13. martin_07n

    Happy Birthday to me

    It's my 21st birthday. I went to work at seven. Got sent home for telling a lazy ass manager what to do. What a day.
  14. martin_07n

    Lloyd Banks - Love + Hate

    dope. ovLerfDwd6Q
  15. martin_07n

    La Ropa Fubu

    Cintos piteados, botas, sombreros, machetes, lawn mowers, cerveza y mucho mas.
  16. martin_07n

    Lil Boosie - The 25th Hour
  17. martin_07n

    Leader of Mexican drug cartel killed
  18. martin_07n


  19. martin_07n


    i need help finding one of his songs. It's an Alicia Keys beat. I think. thanks
  20. martin_07n

    When it rains

    I listen to Operation Stackola and The Jack Artist. Why? I don't know. Oh and Can You Feel Me.