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  1. Defy

    Ghost Ship

    Site of deadly Oakland fire is known as the GhostShip - LA Times Fuck....I'm feeling a mix of emotions right now...there was a big ass fire in Oakland at an after hours spot that I go to....I even set up a photo booth for one of their events....9 people confirmed dead already and the number...
  2. Defy

    You on point Phife? Not no more Tip

    A Tribe Called Quest's Phife Dawg dead at 45 Hip hop just lost one of its founding fathers. Phife Dawg, one of the founding members of the legendary hip-hop collective, A Tribe Called Quest, reportedly passed away Wednesday at 45. Rolling Stone and Billboard confirmed the rapper's death...
  3. Defy

    Welcome to the 707

    A thread for all things 707 Besides chicken express aka chicken express (shout out to @ALL BOUT CHICKEN) what are some good places to eat? Is there any bars or clubs that are crackin during the week? Is there any cheap and/or reliable spots that you recommend for anything? ranging from...
  4. Defy

    Car Auctions

    Anyone fuck with em? I'm seeing success & horror stories online, some people are getting dope shit for cheap, others are paying a lot for lemons. I'm also looking on craigslist but haven't been too impressed. Any other spots in the bay to get used cars for a good price?
  5. Defy

    Streaming movies

    anyone got streaming video sites for movies or tv? someone mentioned Niter TV | Watch Movies Online for Free HD as working with ps3/4 but I'm looking for other ones since it's not loading movies on mine and I'm getting tired of downloading torrents
  6. Defy

    Busta Rhymes fell off.................the stage

    _GlAwQZh1Pc different angle 5aZTIo2bRqQ
  7. Defy


    Anyone been watching? Spain just got beat, they were the favorites for the silver, obviously USA should cruise to a gold but Spain, with the brothers Gasol, was supposed to give them the most difficulty for the gold medal game since they're in the other bracket..... but then france...
  8. Defy

    The Madden NFL Giferator

    make your own: Madden GIFERATOR - Live NFL GIF engine
  9. Defy

    All Star Weekend

    Y'all see Waiters & Hardaway Jr going at it last night on the rising stars game? 31t8_KsKBw0 and Damian Lillard is a foo, he's in damn near every event. That's that Oakland ego! He entered the 3 pt competition but I think that's going to Curry. I wanna see what he's bout to do in the dunk...
  10. Defy

    Most Propped posts?

    is there a way to search by most propped posts? or most propped posts by user or in a specific forum or something like that? I see there is a "find all propped posts" tho that shows the most recent propped posts, although I didn't see prop count or anything like that.
  11. Defy

    Hypothetical Poll

    Answer accordingly
  12. Defy

    The official 2014 Raiders offseason thread

    It's that time....the front office better make some big moves cuz we are the worst team in the toughest division in the AFC and we face the toughest division in the NFL next year in the NFC west. Oh yeah, we also got the patriots too. Oh joy. Why do we face the Houston Texans EVERY GODDAMN...
  13. Defy

    Harden to Rockets

    WTF? they just conceded the west coast championship to the lake show before the start of the season. Thunder trade James Harden to Rockets - Yahoo! Sports The Oklahoma City Thunder have traded James Harden to the Houston Rockets after they were unable to agree to a contract extension with the...
  14. Defy

    Dwayne Wayne Wade

    the fuck is wrong with this muthafucka, goddamn dwayne wayne glasses on.....roll up your damn sleeves then
  15. Defy

    Grenade Launchers

    This is the second story I seen in a couple days where someone in the bay got a grenade launcher taken from the police the other one: Grenade launchers tho? is it really that serious? :ermm:
  16. Defy

    Suspect escapes Oakland police car

    (05-07) 22:28 PDT OAKLAND -- A suspected thief being taken to jail somehow escaped from the back of an Oakland patrol car on Monday evening, police said. Christopher Moss, 19, was being driven to a downtown Oakland jail when he bolted from the back of the police car near Seventh and Jefferson...
  17. Defy

    Notifications (Resolved)

    Really can we get some clickable links in there? it would be nice to see where the props come from, but I think it defeats the purpose of the quote notification if you can't even click the link to see where you were quoted.
  18. Defy

    DFresh is a scary little bitch who won't bet me

    Why won't you bet me DFresh? I thought the Raiders were hella weak, so why are you too scared to put your money where your mouth is, scary man never wins......unless its thescary1... so are you too scary to put your money up? you think the Raiders will go 6-10 or 4-12 in 2012, so be...
  19. Defy

    When Tacos go wrong

    Mayor slammed for 'tacos' quip about Latino outreach In the wake of the arrest of four rogue police officers for allegedly targeting Latinos with unlawful searches and physical abuse, Mayor Joe Maturo of East Haven, Conn., responded to a question about what he is doing for the Latino...
  20. Defy

    Superbowl XLII....I mean XLVI: Giants vs Patriots

    New England vs New York in a new rematch which I know a hell of a lot of people don't really care to see. Who you rootin for? I'm rooting for "fuck you tom brady I hope a defensive lineman breaks 4 of your bones" to win :classic: