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  1. Rusto

    Songs that epitomize Bay Area "mob music"

    If someone asked you what mob music was, what song would you play for them as an example? Side note, is this song considered mob?
  2. Rusto

    We're back FINALLY!

    Looks good brah. The search function needs some work though
  3. Rusto

    Why did the death of the Jacka help lift Pittsburg up like Mac Dre's did Vallejo?

    Pittsburg had a sick scene........up until shit like this started popping up everywhere
  4. Rusto

    Iconic late Antioch rapper Woodie's headstone disappears

    You have a good memory brah
  5. Rusto

    Need help finding a rare E.P.A album

    I remember seeing an album cover on the Siccness from an East Palo Alto (i think) rapper where the name of the album was his home address. And its a picture of him in front of the house. Does anyone know what Im talking about? Thank you
  6. Rusto

    Headstone of Woodie stolen from cemetery! Good article, but that is fucked up.
  7. Rusto

    Woodie - Northern Expozure 1 POSTER

    Woodie Northern Expozure 1 Poster Norteno Rap | eBay Very rare poster. I also have NE2 which I will be listing later. Thanks
  8. Rusto

    Northern Expozure 1 Poster for sale

    Woodie Northern Expozure 1 Poster Norteno Rap | eBay Very rare poster. I also have NE2 which I will be listing later. Frame not included Thanks
  9. Rusto

    Drought Season: Sample question

    Does anyone know the sample they use on this song? Thanks in advance P9Ij3LSWET8
  10. Rusto
  11. Rusto


    For those of you that like your history: Nj6IRvNXi6g SNOOP
  12. Rusto

    Woodie started the "Really?" fad

    00:42..... FjiHqS4Aj-w lol
  13. Rusto

    Got a what?

    I recently got a keyboard as a gift. I dont know much about making music, but was wondering what program i could get to plug my keyboard into the computer and start messing around and "sequencing" or whatever its called. Can someone recommend a good program to get started? thank you
  14. Rusto

    Lil Dee (Antioch rapper)- new video "Memories" (dope)

    Song and video produced by Sideways paNaae5o21U heres some more of the videos they made recently in case youre interested FAyi64mqNAQ legOlprwhhU
  15. Rusto

    New LIL DEE video! "Memories" (WOODIE Tribute)

    New LIL DEE video! "Memories" ft BIG OSO LOC (WOODIE Tribute) Featuring Big Oso Loc Just finished tonight. Produced by SIDEWAYS paNaae5o21U
  16. Rusto

    Scanned articles (DRF & east co co)

  17. Rusto

    New Lil Dee album coming out (cover)

    taken from Sideways facebook.
  18. Rusto

    Dubstep Death Metal

    interesting, thx